Red Tide Is Not A New Laundry Detergent

Manatee Mother and Calf

Photo credit: USGS

Red Tide or Algae Bloom  is now out of control on Florida’s Gulf Coast in the Tampa Bay area.
This may, according to Florida Wildlife officials, be the worst year ever for  Manatees.  
Previously the highest number of deaths was at 151 in 1996 and
the experts are projecting that it will be even worse this year.
We are at 149 right now.
It seems that Manatees just can’t get a break, either they are hit and maimed
or killed outright by boats, or they die from extremely cold winters.
Now the threat for Red Tide threatens  to be the worst enemy, other than Humans,
that the Manatee have ever encountered.

Red Tide Killing Manatees In Record Numbers

Red Tide Bloom Taking Record Toll

Record Number Of Manatee Deaths



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