The FDA, Carrageenan and Cornucopia


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This  is a subject that I have been writing passionately about for over 2 years and just now,  I received an email bulletin that this terrible additive may soon be removed from our foods, thanks to the ongoing, tenacious work on our behalf by Cornucopia.

This awesome  Company that has done so much for American consumers to make them aware of the harmful things they are eating, who is doing it and how to avoid them,  has finally gone to the FDA and said, enough!

Carrageenan  is an additive used when a food company wants to make a food thicker, or creamier, like ice cream, sour cream, yogurt or cottage cheese.  It was even added to my Ovaltine. Yikes!

It is a cheap filler product that they can use instead of more expensive thickener, like corn starch, or other.

The problem with it is, that for some people, like me and most of my family, it makes use very, very sick after we eat it.

I will not get graphic here, but the symptoms are quite similar to a bad stomach flu, including a massive headache.

The reason for all of these problems is not the red sea weed, it is the toxic chemicals that they use to process it.

If you have ever had a terrible, painful reaction after eating something new, check the label for Carrageenan.

I have made countless calls to the companies who put it in their products to complain and will not buy anything that has it in it because I choose not to suffer.

So, please meet one of my favorite sources for healthy, helpful food information: Cornucopia


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