It’s About Changing The Way We Live

  A Florida Manatee

Photo credit: USGS


Last week, we heard the news about how  Red Tide  is killing our Manatees, the story about this was posted earlier and now last night on our local news, we were sickened to hear of even more mass deaths on Florida’s Atlantic Coast in the Indian River Lagoon.
It seems that the high numbers of deaths here, are being blamed on what farm fertilizer run off is doing to the feeding areas of our beloved mammal.
This is not the first time this subject has been made public, for years Alligators in Lake Apopka have been dealing the with the same situation which resulted in sexual “anomalies.”
The farm culprit in South Florida is US Sugar and for the exact same reason, fertilizer run off.
The only problem is that in Southern Florida, when the Everglades  and Lake Okeechobee are poisoned by fertilizers, it is more than just animals that are sickened, it is also millions of people.
Okeechobee is one of their main water sources and they don’t have an alternative water supply to choose from.

So, you ask what is the solution?

It is really very, very simple.

First, please understand that Florida’s aquifer system is like a giant sieve, everything on the top seeps through to our underground water supplies, the good, the bad and the ugly, all of it.

So, we must all, yes all, stop buying and using products for our homes, public places and farming that have toxic chemicals like phosphorus in them.

There are alternative products that do not, and if we don’t switch now to these safer products, Florida will not be the only place where you can’t drink the water.

This is happening all over the Country, even the world, our water is being poisoned by chemicals, pollutants and toxins by those who refuse to change because they don’t have to, people have been quite well paid off to allow them to continue this practice and they have already put the money in the bank.

In the end, however we will all run out of pure clean water to drink because you can’t drink money.


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