What Right


A weekly newsletter from the Center for Biological Diversity was in  my email this morning  and there was a particular story that I felt obligated to share with you.
I have been opposed to animal testing all of my life, even though one of my most treasured Uncles donated the end of his life to a hospital in L.A. and said, ” Use me to learn what you can.” 

He had terminal cancer and felt that this would be a good thing to do and that others might have benefitted from his choice.
The key word here is choice. This act was of his choosing.
The animals that are used in testing have no choice, they have no say in the years and years of unbelievable torture they are forced into.
I worked at UCLA for 5 years and had to  pass by the  “Animal testing lab doors”  more often than was bearable.
I never got over it.
It was and is, inhumane and wrong to test any being without its consent.
Yes, these are only my beliefs, however, I have had cancer and many in my own family have died from it.
This does not change my belief that testing on animals is wrong.

In College my Biology grade took a hit because I refused to disect a “living”  frog to find out how its nervous system worked.

I said, ” no way” and got up and left the class. My grade was dropped a full letter.

What right do we have to do this?

Just because we do not speak their language, does not mean that animals have no rights.
If you believe that testing on animals is right, perhaps this video may sway your opinion?



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