When Will We Find Courage?


The River of Grass, the Florida Everglades

The EPA has recently declared that over half of the Rivers in this country are not fit for living things.
Does this really come as a surprise to anyone?
If you have spent anytime near a river, you could have watched the slow degradation in person.
No degree in science is necessary, to understand the impact that chemicals, namely fertilizers and pesticides, have had on everything that they touch.

The worst offenders are phosphorus and nitrogen, with of course some mercury and bacteria thrown in to complete the tainted brew.
Remember Erin Brockovich?
It’s all about the water.
Most living things are completely interdependent on their environment, beginning with the water.

When we choose to look the other way, or do not stop those who poison and pollute our water, because we don’t want to get involved, we are telling them, either we don’t care, or we have no courage.

Either way, the polluters will continue unabated and the waters will eventually become an engorged toxic soup that can no longer sustain life.

EPA Declares Over  Half Of US Rivers Unfit


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