The Visitors


A Beautiful Florida Black Bear
Picture credit: Dr. William Weber


For many years people have asked me about my complete dedication and passion for animals.
An answer: just now Breanna did her ” OMG bark. ” This is the one reserved for very special occasions.
I went to her window to look for the cause, but saw nothing at first, then as I turned back around to look in the other direction, there they were.
The momma and her two babies running at a full gallop in the open field across from our house.
This sight, this experience, is something that should never be taken for granted.
These beautiful black bears and all of the other wildlife living in this Forest, are why this place is everything to us.
We share our lives with creatures that give us so much more, than we could ever give them in return.
For this we are grateful.

5 thoughts on “The Visitors

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    • Thank you and welcome~ My parents used to live in Wasco, so the Valley is dear to me. It is all a breathtaking area. Loved coming over the grapevine. Your Blog is wonderful.

  2. Oh how I would love to see bears in the wild where they should be. I have read a lot of your post, they are brilliant and the animals around you are so lucky to have you to help them.

    • Yes, we are very lucky. And we never take them for granted.
      But we do live in the Forest and that is where much of Florida’s wildlife lives.
      As for helping them, not really sure about that, not yet anyway~
      Sometimes I get discouraged.

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