There Just Are No Words


This will be an unusually brief posting today, with no picture, because it would be too disgusting.

While strolling through my Reader this morning, a posting came up that stopped me dead in my tracks.

I could not go any further, until I went and read about it.

As implausible as it may seem, mankind has just slipped another rung farther down the ladder of inhumanity.

I truly believed that as a species, we might be turning the corner on our treatment of animals, but now after reading this, it seems not.

I am now speechless.

So, here is the story and I now eagerly await responses from of all of you, my brilliant, outspoken, compassionate followers:

Scientists Modify The Herd 

19 thoughts on “There Just Are No Words

  1. So many things came to my poor little mind that it just went into overload however, now that I have recovered, putting that jellyfish gene into human hunters and the Uruguay scientists comes to mind?

  2. What the f**k? You can’t make sheep, or any animals that glow in the dark, that’s just wrong. If you use gene modification on animals it should be to help them, not make them look different.

  3. Unbelievable, what will they do next? Also why do we need glow in the dark sheep? I used to live on a sheep farm and the farmer never had anything other than a torch to see the sheep when it was dark, he never lost any!

  4. Oh my gosh. This is terrible. I can’t even stand it when the chickens are dyed around Easter, let alone making sheep glow in the dark. Time and money can be better spent elsewhere… 😦

  5. This foolishness will soon be coming to an end along with man’s another mind sicknesses. I have always said it and will stand on what I say till the day I leave this physical presence. Man is the lowest creature among all inhabitants on mother earth. Can you look around and see animals and nature killing themselves are designing better ways to kill each other. So really, where is man on the totem pole? Food for contemplation.

  6. I am delighted to see all of your responses to this ugly story.
    Knew that you would have strong feelings, just as I did.
    You have all re-enforced my faith/beliefs in humanity.

  7. I’m going with the “What the f***” statement above.

    We can be the most selfish, supremely STUPID, species. WHY? What’s the end-goal? Can’t we use this research towards…ummm…the betterment of the planet? WTH? There’s an awful lot going on nowadays that needs to be addressed, that could be researched, besides testing animals for needless things.

  8. oh, it is wayyyy worse! Do you know in oil exploration and fracking … they want to ‘slick up’ the cracks where oil is for faster extraction and they have created franken-bacteria to let loose all over. The mad scientist behind it all has over 600 million dollars to play with with. He is Craig Venter.

    Many think this stuff (it has run away and is everywhere like Monsanto pollen) is mutating with Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico.



    see also many You Tube videos of ‘sea foam’ world wide. . . not natural kind, the 15 foot deep kind from grud sprayed in the sea.

  9. Absolutely disgusting! And did you notice this line in the article: “Scientists say the sheep developed normally, without showing any other difference from non-modified sheep.” When we will realize that we don’t understand nature nearly enough to be messing with it like this? Of course there will be negative health consequences to those sheep- it doesn’t matter that we don’t yet know what those consequences are. Why can’t we just leave nature alone- it’s better off without our “innovations”.

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