Global Guinea Pigs~


A Guinea Pig Stable


If right now,  I asked you what the most important thing is, that you should or could do, to protect yourself and those you love, including your pets, from harm, you would probably come up with some pretty good answers, but more than likely, you would be well short of coming up with the entire truth.

You see, the truth is, that on a daily basis, we and all living things on this planet, are being exposed to countless toxins, that are killing us, or at the very least, making us terribly sick, including some that we are not even aware exist.

Some time ago, most of you probably heard about a quote that was credited to the Ford Motor Company, that someone there was said to have remarked after learning of a number of deaths relating to defects in their cars, that these deaths were simply, “acceptable losses.”

This horrifying comment has reverberated around the world since then and has become a somewhat sick joke.

But, here is the real truth, everyday some company produces a product that they know is harming, people, plants and/or animals and they keep doing it, because no one has the temerity to stop them.

And, we are paying them to do this, because we are buying these products that are poisoning us.

In this Country, we have Government Organizations with thousands of people working full-time, being very well paid to protect all of us from the “bad guys” and/or their “bad” products.

They include, the CDC, the FDA and the EPA, to name just a few, but it would appear, that none of them seem to be able, or are unwilling, to stop these ruthless companies with a singular motive in life, that is,  to make money, and we, their Guinea pigs, can all be damned.

By now, most of the world is aware of the horrors  linked to Monsanto and their many lethal products, but there are 100 more companies  just like them, with their own personal brand of toxins waiting for their turn in line at us, their Global Laboratory animals, or Guinea pigs, to see if we live or die, or just become really sick or maybe just deformed, by the latest product that they are promoting.

The story linked below, is the single, most impressive work that I have ever found on this subject.

If you never read anything again in your life, please read this and swear on your ancestors, that you and yours will no longer be the victims of these companies, living your life in servitude as their Guinea pigs.

We must speak to these people, in the only language that they can understand, money, and we must refuse to buy their products.

You Are A Guinea Pig



19 thoughts on “Global Guinea Pigs~

    • If you don’t believe in Jesus, you will. If you don’t think there is an all powerful God, get ready you will. Time is about up for people who do evil and don’t repent. I’m not standing on a street corner holding a sign “The end is near,but those poor old souls who used to weren’t wrong. These big corporations that are poisoning God’s planet and people are going to pay big time.,yes its the waiting thats hard. signed fellow human,Speedy.

  1. Reblogged this on A SON OF SHARECROPPERS and commented:
    Great blog entry here from “Walking with the Alligators.”

    There were some good things about spending the first years of my life on the farm where my parents were sharecroppers. We drank fresh milk, ate fresh eggs, and ate fresh vegetables from the garden. True, the farm did use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, but the chemical load was much smaller than it is nowadays. I have long believed that my general lack of allergies is a result of those years spent eating more natural foods.

    As I’ve become interested in the fine art of wet shaving, I’ve become more attuned to the products I use for washing, etc. It makes very good sense to avoid products that rely heavily on chemicals. I don’t generally suffer any skin problems from them, but they have significant adverse environmental effects. And the truth is that truly natural, organic products are generally better for one’s overall.

    • Thank you for your complete dedication and commitment to the health of this planet’s inhabitants,
      human and other~
      Your Blog is so vital to the education of all on this life-threatening Issue.

  2. I am so glad to have ‘met’ you- a fellow animal lover who fights for the rights of these so called ‘animals’. These voiceless inhabitants of the earth have every right to live their life to the fullest extent as each one of us does.
    Love your posts. Keep writing!! Maybe someday, everyone will see the truth behind our sentiments!!

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