Happy Hunting, Not!


A Beautiful Florida Black Bear


I am fully aware that many will disagree with my stance on this, but please hear me out.

Today all of the details were released for the next  Alligator Hunting Season here in Florida.

There seem to be so many “killing seasons” here now, it is hard to keep up.

My greatest fear is that our gorgeous Florida Black Bear may be next, as hunters are already chomping at the bit to get this passed.

I have recently personally spoken to a “head person” who “assures” me that this will not happen.

Now, ask me if I trust “anyone” about this.

I came here to Florida as you know, after living in Southern California for over 30 years, where sadly, there are not really too many wild things left.

So, coming here and seeing them everywhere, is just such an overwhelming joy, that I would hate to see Florida become practically barren of wildlife, like Southern California has.

I grew up in Indiana and spent many happy summers on my uncles farm in the hills of southern Indiana, which was for me, a little city girl, a wild paradise to run through all day until I dropped.

I loved it with all of my heart and never wanted to leave.

So, I am truly not just another angry “city person” complaining about hunters and hunting.

This is what bothers me about hunting.

Where we live now, is many miles from the nearest anything, so we must drive a bit, to get to civilization, as it were.

Now, during any of the many “hunting seasons,” we are forced to go past many VERY unpleasant sites.

No, I will not go into any of the grisly details.

The people who live out here on the fringes of civilization are “different” to say the least, from most other Florida residents.

They seem to be in a world all of their own.

Things happen out here, ugly, terrible things, that are not legal, but no one ever gets caught, so it continues to happen.

My question is, why do people still need to hunt, maim, kill?

Is it a primordial need?

There are so many animals in Africa who are being slaughtered for their body parts.

I know that I am in a very tiny minority and will take great punishment for this, but why do we need to continue to kill animals as if their lives mean nothing?

As a species, after so many millions of years, shouldn’t we have by now, evolved to a place where we at least might show more respect to our fellow animals?

I truly do not believe that humans were put on Mother Earth to do so much harm to wild creatures and feel nothing.



33 thoughts on “Happy Hunting, Not!

  1. I agree with you too. How I see it, is that many people seem to think that since we humans are a “more intelligent” species, we can do whatever we want to the other species of the world. That because we’re “superior” to the animals, we can kill them for sport and it doesn’t matter what it does to nature that we do..

  2. I agree with you as well. There’s really no need for hunting at all. Wildlife is becoming more scare due to overdevelopment as it is. There lives are hard enough. The constant battle to survive is too difficult, without the unnecessary aggression of hunters as well.

  3. AGREED, on all counts…. If there’s an “especially,” I would add here, where, as you wisely say, there are so few wild things left. In such a special place, with threatened ecosystems and inhabitant creatures, we need to be CAREFUL.

    Let me tell you how many times I’ve stumbled upon hunters ILLEGALLY hunting things they shouldn’t be. Trying to patrol them, especially now, is near impossible. And trying to hike in spaces where there’s open season on X, Y, or Z? Frightening. I avoid them at all costs.

  4. The saddest part is that people look down upon you if you start making emotional pleas against Hunting. As if taking up an ethical stance was the wrong thing to do!!

    I wish there was more empathy in this world…

  5. Thank you for visiting my site and the like of my post “Tulip Tops”. I have to admit that I am not a great animal lover, but I feel the same way about the kill seasons as I do the destruction of the rain forest. The animals and the rain forest were here first. We humans are destroying the existing environment instead of trying to co-exist.

  6. This is a great post – whenever passion is the vehicle, the message always gets delivered. Some would say I’m controversial because I respect everyone’s right to their opinion – when it comes to hunting, I’m not against it if you do it to live and like the Native Americans did, use every part of what you take and give back something to Mother Nature in return. But very few of us NEED to hunt and when it’s done for sport, it’s just ugly and cruel. You do speak for those who can’t speak for themselves and I applaud that – never stop – like you said, there may be hope for us yet. 🙂

  7. Occasionally, my husband and I are put in the position of having to kill a sick or injured animal to end it’s suffering. We find this so difficult and distasteful that we find it impossible to imagine doing this for ‘sport’ or pleasure. Surely we can find a way to share our world with God’s creatures without slaughtering them!

  8. you may be in a minority in USA but you are certainly not in a minority in the UK! The Blah Blah hunting brigade lost the vote in England and Wales to stop fox hunting and in Scotland. you write with great compassion and sensitivity!

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  10. To each of you who have posted your agreement about this issue,
    you have taken my breath away with your kind concern for ” those with no voice.”
    Thank all you from them~

  11. Hi, I agree with you. There is no reason to kill animals for sporting reasons. Why not start a petition on FB and get something rolling in your neighbourhood. I tweeted this entry. 🙂

  12. AGREED! I’m blessed to live in an area where there is no hunting. My husband and I see deer regularly. But I used to live in a town where they killed deer horrifically. (I won’t say because it’s too devastating for an animal lover to hear about). Great blog and I will follow because I’m a total animal lover, not just someone who follows blogs just to get them to follow me 🙂

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