What’s For Lunch?


A Lion in Botswana, Africa


Before I begin, I wish to thank the 222+  of you fellow ” wildlife watchers ” who have elected to “Follow”  this Blog.

Although this inconsequential little Blog has only been here for two months, it has had over 4,000 hits and more than 200 followers.

Can I say, this is all just slightly overwhelming and completely unexpected?

I have been writing about these same Wildlife Issues for many years, not on Word Press to my great chagrin, with little positive response.

But now, after two brief months here, I am convinced that you are not only out there, but that you absolutely do care what happens to “those with no voice.”

Please accept my gratitude and a humble thank you from my heart to yours, for all that you have shared here since its inception on March 10.

Now, for today’s Wildlife Issue revelation, for you to react to, respond to, and if history repeats, clearly oppose~

As many of you know, I live in Florida.

For much of the world, this is a place where Mickey and Minnie rule and fun abounds, but there is another side, a dark side, to the happiest place on Earth and it is this:  Florida has the highest numbers of physical abuse towards women, children and you guessed it, animals, of any state in America.

A fact that sickens me to acknowledge.

Since moving here permanently in 2006,  many stories on our local news have caused me great concern and alarm, especially those relating to animals being harmed by humans, but there are two recent stories that simply cannot wait, nor be ignored.

The first is that last week, a horse in an open field, apparently near where we live, starved to death and dropped dead right here in Lake County.

There have been in the past, quite regretfully, other similar stories about cows suffering the same fate in our county.

The denials and disclaimers were quick to come this time, from all sources involved, but the sad fact is, that if just one person had interceded in time, this horse might well be still alive.

According to the story, one other horse remains on this same undisclosed property and the county has given these people a short time to “correct the problem.”

A witness who was interviewed during the story, said that she doesn’t think ” it will survive” the allotted time.

So when we drove home from the store yesterday and passed an open field with a very emaciated horse in it, we did not know if this might be the “other one ” on the news.

I called our Lake County Humane Society this morning and they are closed for the day, my second call was to Lake County Animal Control, who said that they would send someone out ” to take a look.”      

Lake County Humane Society:  352 589-7400

Lake County Animal Control:  352 343-9088

Lake County Commissioners:  352 343-9850

Next, in my email yesterday, was a Google Wildlife Alert about a story that I was sure had to be a misprint.

Sadly, it turned out, it was not.

If you have an extremely tender heart, please do not read the story:

Lion Tacos

This eating place in Tampa and one other, have crossed a line and the public backlash is, as it should be, in support of wild animals.

I fully expect and will be disappointed if you do not, respond in an animal avalanche about these two stories.

It has not escaped my memory, that some in this country are now also advocating the consumption of horse meat.

Applications to build  Slaughter Houses  are beginning to show up, including one in Wounded Knee, South Dakota and one that thankfully went down to defeat  here in Lake County.

The one in New Mexico, is now considered “ground zero” for this issue.

Did I mention how really proud that I am to know each and every one of you?

Now, go get ’em~



7 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch?

  1. And a big kudos for you for highlighting this is such a gentle way…. Appalling doesn’t cover it. This coming from someone who worked to train abused horses, retraining them from the killers’ auctions in the hopes of finding them homes. I have no words.

    • Really, really, appreciate your support so much because of who you are and where you live!
      Wish we could put our heads together and take these people on, one by one, until they finally do the right thing for Florida’s wildlife!

  2. Utah and Florida share something in common outside of these horrible cases of animal abuse, but I won’t mention what that is. Makes you wonder if that common link isn’t part of that cause…

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