Giving Back, Dolphin Style~


A Bottlenose Dolphin in Florida


Those of you who live in Florida may be familiar with Winter, a Dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium who was given a helping hand by some very kind humans and a new tail to replace the one that she lost due to a fishing line disaster.

If you don’t live here, there is a really good movie about her life,  “ Dolphin Tale  ” that is quite well done and details her painful tribulations, rehabilitation and eventual recovery.

Today on our local news, there was a ” good news animal story, ” there are so few it seems, so this was a joy to see, about how Winter is now giving back.

A little local girl recently lost both of her feet in a freak accident and Winter is now showing her how to adapt and relearn some basic motor skills.

These are the same kinds of things that Winter had to learn after her  ” accident. ”

What you may not know, how could you, I have not shared this, my oldest son is a paraplegic from birth and has always been in a wheelchair.

So, Winter’s beautiful story and her struggles to deal with her injury, really hit home hard for me personally, as did  this new one today about how an animal who was nearly killed by us,  is now giving back to the Humans that helped her so much during her time of need.

I highly recommend the movie, for all ages, it is a lesson in determination, perseverance, love and patience.

Couldn’t we all use a big dose of that?



20 thoughts on “Giving Back, Dolphin Style~

    • He has been very physically active all of his life, he played basket ball, tennis and did marathons.
      As a child, when we first came to Florida to visit, he did swim with some mammals, but they were Manatees.
      It was in the 1970’s before the state closed the door on this.
      It was to protect the Manatees and I agree with them.
      Just thrilled that all of my children did swim once with the Manatees.
      It was an unforgettable experience, they are so gentle and sweet and really like touching us~

  1. What an amazing post…. Thanks so much for sharing. You know, I have yet to see the movie, but of course I know the story well. I know full well I’ll be crying throughout — so it’s hard.

    And your son, so much love to all of you. I used to train “problem” horses, and on the side I volunteered with therapeutic riding. Met some of the most amazing people in my life through those programs. Have you ever taken him to see Winter, or any other therapy animals?

    • Thank you, you are so sweet.
      When he was younger he did do horse therapy.
      Then when he became a teenager it all stopped when he discovered computers.
      He is an adult now and very active now in many things and finally finished his Masters in Computer Science~
      BTW, you will love movie, is absolutely wonderful, you must see it.

    • Thank you.
      It really is a wonderful story of love, hope and tenacity.
      And now Winter is returning the favor to a little child who needs her help.
      Truly a must see film.

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    • Thank you for coming here and you are quite welcome.
      Yes, the Dolphin Tale truly is a wonderful story that should give hope to anyone dealing with physical adversity.

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog which led me to yours… thank you for sharing your story. I have actually seen the movie, I love it and love Dolphins. I’ve been crazy about them since I was a young child and would love to work with them someday, they are, quite simple, amazing! Congratulations to your son on completing his Masters in Computer Science! 🙂

    • Thank you for your very kind words.
      We agree on loving animals~
      As for my sons academic accomplishments, he did all of the hard work
      and has always been determined to succeed.

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