Most Influential Blogger Award



I would like to thank  jeaninjackson  of the Pearl Street Gallery  for nominating me for the Most influential Blogger Award.

She has one of the most beautiful Blogs and collection of pictures, that you will find  anywhere on Word Press.
Although I do not feel worthy of this Award because I have not been here very long and don’t have thousands of followers,
I will cheerfully accept it on behalf of the countless animals on our Planet who need to have as much awareness brought to
their plight as possible.
Everything that is written here is for and about them because you see, they have no voice, so I must continue to speak for them for as long as I breathe.
I am humbled and grateful for these Honors that you all have given to me, but my greatest Honor, my greatest Award, would be if each of you this Memorial Day Weekend would find an animal whose life may soon end and find a way to stop this.
Please, get involved, please do something to make a difference for an animal that is waiting and hoping to know, that someone cares.
A huge Thank You from them and me,  to all of you~


Here are the Rules:

1-Display the award logo on your blog.

2-Link back to the person who nominated you.

3-Answer 7 questions.

4-Nominate ( no limit of nominations ) other bloggers for this award and link back to them.

5-Notify those bloggers of the award requirements.


Here are the  7 questions:

1-If you could create your planet what would it look like?
It would be a planet with no chemicals of any kind, where air and water and soil were left as they should be, free of all toxins.

2-If you could visit one nation you have never visited before, what nation would that be?
My heart has been in Tibet for many, many years, it would be wonderful to be able go there.

3-Have you ever taken a long distance train trip?
Yes, when I was about five, we took a train from Indiana to California.

4-What is something you would collectively change about humanity?
I would like for every Human to be abundantly compassionate toward all living things.

5-What is your favorite song?
We Didn’t Start The Fire,”   by Billy Joel

6-If you could meet one person who is still alive who would you choose to meet?
This is very hard because the person I would most like to have met was Gandhi, but since the person must still be alive, then I would next choose Aung San Suu Kyi or the Dalai Lama.

7-If you could choose one symbol to represent you, what would that symbol be and why?
It would probably have to be an Ark, because I would like to have a place big enough to collect all of the Endangered animals who are about to disappear forever from this planet.


My Nominees for this Award are:


10 thoughts on “Most Influential Blogger Award

  1. I just read your entire blog, and I agree. We act extremely selfishly, and seeing you talk about it with a passion and dedication such as yours makes me feel really, really happy ! 🙂 Loved your blog. 😀

    • Thank you so much, you are so very kind.
      I can’t believe you read all of this, wow!
      If this Blog fulfills my most humble ambitions, it will encourage, and/or motivate those
      who read it to get involved in the plight of Endangered or tortured animals in our world,
      from where ever they may be.
      Our world is now Globally connected and everything can be responded to instantly.
      Each of us can make a difference, even if it is only in our own little corner of this planet.
      The most important thing is to DO something, don’t just read it and forget it.
      If what you read here about animals makes you mad, or makes you cry,
      for the love of what ever supreme being that you believe in,
      DO something about it~
      Bless you for your compassionate heart.

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