On This Memorial Day


Our beloved Green treefrog
(see her white stripe, this is a little girl~


It is Sunday and so as usual I am doing our Blogs.

But as I sit here trying hard to concentrate, think it may be impossible.

The frogs and birds are making so much noise, it is hard to think.

What I really want to do is finish weeding and play with my flowers, but alas, not.

It is another gorgeous day here in paradise.

All is good and as it should be~


If you are out and about today, perhaps you might Hug a Veteran and say:

“Thank God for you and every Veteran for the Free America that we live in?”


Have a Memorable Memorial Day.



7 thoughts on “On This Memorial Day

  1. if I. find a gorgeous hunk of American vet hanging around here I sure will give him a big ginormous hug

  2. Well said. We have a retired military war dog – Laika – and I will be giving her hugs all day! Love that tiny green frog too. They are so very beneficial to our ecosystem. She’s a cutie.

    • Thank you.
      Love your dog’s name.
      This gorgeous frog is a treasure for us, their presence here in Florida is a barometer of the overall health of our wildlife population.
      Regretfully, their numbers are declining all over the state.
      Just too many fertilizers/chemicals are being used everywhere.

  3. Gator Woman, many thanks for all the likes. It is particularly appreciated as the blog is only just getting started. Hope the blogs can brighten your day (though by the sounds of this post, there is a lot of competition from outside your window. Now I need to do some gardening and the sun is out too. 🌞

    • Oh no, THANK YOU for all of the beauty you bring into this world~
      Yes, we do live in paradise and trying to protect it from those who care nothing for it, are why this Blog exits.

    • For the sake of my dear, long gone Nugent grandmother,
      I wish that I could see West Cork where our Ancestors came to America from.
      You live in a place of such awesome beauty.
      Actually, all of my Irish ancestors came from there.

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