Monsters, Murders and Mayhem


The Beautiful African Bush Elephants


This subject has been avoided for as long as possible, for one very good reason, my emotions, my opinions would not, could not, be considered unbiased in any way.

But when a Google Alert came a few days ago about this issue,  it could not be avoided any longer.

This subject must now be addressed because this time it is personal, it is on my doorstep.

The subject is Elephant Poaching  and the person who has been indicted,  is from New Mexico.

This monster bought the Ivory Tusks from an African Poacher and then sold them to a person here in Florida.

Personally, I believe that they should all do hard prison time because they all have blood on their hands.

But neither the time, nor the fine, could ever be enough to satisfy me, for these heinous acts against innocent animals.

This animal in particular, is one of the most beloved in the world, which makes these assaults even more difficult to bear.

The penalties all involved in this incident will receive, that will actually be enforced, are putrid, to say the very least.

In case you are not aware, taking any parts from an Endangered Species, like these African Elephants, is a big time crime and the punishment should be harsh, painful enough to give the beastly persons involved in this sickening ugly market, pause to think at least.

But it is not.

What they are all, including the legal system, doing to not only Elephants, but to Rhinos as well,  is besides being criminal, is immoral and despicable as well.

This slaughter will never stop, not until it hurts too much to continue the crime.

These innocents are being murdered for their body parts and the beastly people involved on all sides, care nothing for the bloodied carcasses they leave behind, only for the huge deposits into their bank accounts.

The numbers of animals who have already died in this tragic manner, is beyond staggering , it is nearly impossible to comprehend.

If only Humans had body parts that the animals could exploit.

I firmly believe in Karma and do expect that one day these monsters will meet theirs, but it will be too late for all of the dead animals missing their high priced body parts.

Knowing that the species of which I am part of, can do these things, makes me ashamed to be a Human.

Told you there would be no unbiased commentary on my part.

You can learn more here:

Trophy Hunter Indicted

Elephant Poaching



29 thoughts on “Monsters, Murders and Mayhem

  1. I lived in Africa for 20yrs and have seen these majestic animals up close many times. The people responsible for these barbaric acts should be faced with the death penalty and their own organs given to others to save a human life. Not the same I know but just a thought …. It is SO hard when practicing Buddhism to stop thoughts like this but if killing IS done, then I do believe that the killers should be punished in some likewise fashion.

    • We are in total agreement~
      There is not a punishment cruel enough for these monsters.
      But, no matter what is done to the guilty, it will never bring back the thousands that have already been murdered.

    • Thank you so much Celeste.
      You have no idea how very hard this was to do.
      I have been avoiding this for months.
      But finally had to do it.
      I know that this makes all of you as sick as it does me, but dear God in Heaven,
      we must find a way to stop this horror, this heinous slaughter.
      We need to unite for them, on their behalf, because they “have no voice” but ours
      and we, the “afraid to get involved world” are remaining silent.
      It is time to scream, NO MORE!

  2. Agreed, agreed, agreed, a million times over.

    I can’t tell you how much I’ve cried for the abuse and slaughter that we as a species have perpetrated against these magnificent, precious creatures. There’s an (HBO?) special out now titled “An Apology to Elephants” that I couldn’t even watch for 5 minutes without breaking down. When I heard this latest news on the trophy killing, I was appalled. So many are fighting on their behalf, but so much more needs to be done – and it can be, for @#( sakes.

  3. Poaching of elephants and other beauties with whom we share this earth is, indeed, disturbing. The work to protect them is never done. What I know is there are many people who believe in their safety and sacredness too, and they are powerful and successful much of the time. Keep the faith and your passion….

  4. Preying on the innocent and vulnerable (both human and animal) represents the lowest form of human IMO. But equally as repugnant are those that purchase the products of these poachers. It is amazing what vanity and selfishness these people must possess to single handedly deny not only an entire population, but also future generations enjoyment of these animals. All this while their presence on this earth and all their wealth they have accumulated, will only amount to a $h!t stain in the fabric of time. More noble are the people who empty port-a-potties than these individuals.

  5. I would be right there with you.
    No animal should ever have to die for a body part, or their fur or their skin.
    Imagine if humans were to be murdered for their finger or toe nails?
    What a world~

  6. When we were in Africa, a ranger antagonized a male in rut who charged us. The elephant was nearly killed in the process. I think the whole family had the same thought which was not for our safety but for the elephants. It was not his fault and he was so magnificient. I have the photo I snapped of him in a rage on my about page. He had been shot before and had a bullet hole in his ear. I will never forget him gallomping towards us, so glad I saw them in the wild and so glad he did not get shot.

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