Three Months Later


Breanna and I take a walk with other cancer survivors


It is difficult to believe that it has only been three short months, since this adventure with all of you started here.

And, what a journey it has been.

When this Word Press Blog was begun, there was nothing to prepare me for what was to come.

You have shown up here and demonstrated by your intelligent, compassionate comments, that surprise, you also care deeply for the conditions that animals all over the world face every day.

My connection with animals began at the tender age of four, after a brief encounter with a neighbor’s  Stallion and has only grown as the years passed.

So, although it may only be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, thank you from the deepest part of my heart, for your support, your concerns, but most of all for your tremendous, loving hearts.

In acknowledgement of this day, ONLY positive, uplifting stories await.


Two organizations who are making a difference for animals in need:

The von Arx Wildlife Hospital in Florida:   Call Of Abandoned Babies


Wild Care Oklahoma  –  A News Story

Wild Care on Twitter

Wild Care,   You tube of what they do


Tales of Turtles here in Florida:

New LED Lights For Baby Turtles On The Beaches

Sea World Releases Three Sea Turtles


Educational opportunities for young people:

Summer Adventure Camp

Students Learn About Water And Wildlife


And on behalf of Whales:

NOAA Proposes To Extend Zone



22 thoughts on “Three Months Later

  1. I am crazy about the Terriers breeds and Breanna attracts my heart. But I cannot read the tragic stories about animal abuse; they derange me with pain for days. I admire your mission to expose these things, the abuse, the neglect, the losses that man causes not only to his own but to animals as well…You have a lot of courage ! V.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Thank you for your thoughts.
      Completely understand how you feel.
      It was so nice of you to come here.
      As for Breanna, once you’ve had an Airedale, you’re ruined for any other breed of dog~

    • “They derange me with pain for days,” – that’s exactly how I feel too Vera. And I agree with you about Gator Woman. She has so much courage. Thank you both!

      • Thank you for noticing that expression. It is true. And feeling both helpless and vulnerable makes it worse. Yes she does have courage !
        Very nice meeting you. V.

      • Nice meeting you too! I just tiptoed through your wonderful blog. The stories you must have. I’m looking forward to reading them as you’ve made me a follower!

  2. I love that you are going to post positive stories on here. I’ve had to unsuscribe from a few animal rights pages (as have my friends) because the horrific images of animal suffering they used to gather support. I truely believe that if a person is shown a positive way to help wildlife – it will engage them far more and be an enjoyable experience.

    • I do not post sickening pictures, but I do tell people about some pretty terrible things that are being done.
      If these things were not being done to innocent animals worldwide, then there would be nothing horrible to post.
      I have had many here say, ” wow, I did not know that was happening.”
      So, stay tuned, you may have to leave here too~

      • I know we all should talk about it and not ignore it. I just mean when it’s many excessive disturbing images in posts as a way of deliberately shocking people into action. But yes, sometimes unfortunately that is what it takes.

    • Agreed.
      I cannot bear to see these pictures either, but I will never stop writing about what terrible people are doing to animals.
      If you read the phrase at the top of every page here, it says it all, “Speaking for those with no Voice.”
      And, I will continue to do this until I or my computer croak.
      I truly hope that you don’t leave, but choose instead to fight for them too~
      They need all of the help they can get!

    • That is good.
      Greenpeace has been in my life for a very long time.
      Global Peace is very important for everyone on this planet, if we hope to be able to pass it on~

  3. Thanks for the NOAA info. Will do my best to write tomorrow. I too appreciate your lack of difficult pictures. I still post some on Facebook, in hopes it might move someone somehow, but I have also unliked certain sites that were unrelenting. As someone smarter than me once said, between despair and the illusion of hope lies the moral ground of right action. Thank you for all of your right actions.

  4. I haven’t seen your posts in the Reader section for about a week now. I didn’t even see these latest posts until I got on your blog today. I don’t know if anyone else has had the same problem of not finding your posts. I’m glad I came and checked!
    Anyway, I’m glad that you have had such a positive experience blogging! I’m sure I speak for everyone who follows your blog when I say that I love reading your posts and love you commitment to animals!
    Good luck with everything!

    • So happy to hear from you Tanya.
      Glad you are able to come and see what ‘s new here~
      My passion for all animals is obviously shared by so many of you,
      what a wonderful world when so much good can come of pure evil~

  5. Another wonderful post. I had never thought about turtles much, until I moved here. There are several endangered or rare species that nest only here in Costa Rica. About a mile from my place is where Leatherback turtles lay their eggs in a national park. When we were in the Caribbean we saw a miracle…a nest of babies hatched while we were walking downt the beach, something people who study turtles wait months to film, and we just walked into it. There were only a few people there – low season – and we watched for about an hour while all the little turtles flippered their way to the sea. All of them made it because the birds wouldn’t come down to eat them since we formed a cordon to the sea for them. All the best, and keep up the good work.
    On my Way…

    • Thank you for all of your wonderful comments.
      What a rare and precious gift that was for you.
      The turtles were so lucky to have you down there for them, to guide them safely out to sea~

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