Liebster Award #2

Thank you so kindly to  Tanya of Illuminate for bestowing the Liebster Award to this humble, little Blog dedicated to the rights and treatment of the world’s animals.

Tanya is a stellar student at SUNY Purchase College in NY and is most concerned for the welfare of animals.

Thank you Tanya for your generous and kind heart.


Here are the Rules for this Award:


1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Post 11 facts about yourself answering the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.

3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.

4. Display the Liebster Award logo.

5. No tag backs meaning you can’t just re nominate the person who nominated you.


Here are the 11 questions that Tanya has given me:


1) Where do you live?   I/we live in Central Florida in the Ocala Forest.

2) Why is blogging important to you?   Being out in the woods and no longer in L.A. where access was easy, this Blog is now my primary connection to those who also are concerned for the treatment of the world’s animals.

3) What do you write the most about in your blog?  I write primarily about the unjust things that are happening all over the world to animals.

4) What’s one or two things you like about where you live?   Florida is tropical paradise, but also a double-edged sword, the wild beauty here is spectacular and so abundant, but there are too many here who care little for this special place or about the harm they are doing to it.

5) Where’s your favorite place to go or be?   My favorite place to be is standing in front of the Tetons in Wyoming.

6) What’s your favorite movie?   My favorite movie is Gandhi.

7) Do you have a pet? If so , what is it?   We are the pets to our beautiful Airedale, Breanna, who allows us to be a part of her life~

8) Do you get involved in politics (voting, lobbying, petitions, or other activities)?  Yes, all of my life to all, since my Hippie days in L.A.!

9) What’s one thing you do that helps you relax?   Regretfully, I don’t know what that word means, but sometimes music makes me feel a little better when I am frazzled.

10) What’s one thing you do for fun?   Fun for me is a long road trip to anywhere~

11) What kind of music do you listen to?  I like all music, classical, jazz, rock and everything in between.


Now, here are the questions for my Nominees:


1.  What matters most to you?

2.  Do you like animals or people better?

3.  What is your dream vacation?

4.  Do you like summer or winter better?

5.  Do you Volunteer anywhere and why?

6.  Have you ever gone on a long trip alone?

7.  Are you more comfortable in the company of men or women?

8.  Do you speak more than one language?

9.  What is your favorite book and/or movie?

10.  Who do you admire the most and why?

11.  If you were president of our country or yours, what would your platform be?


These are my amazing Nominees:


Waven Songz’s Blog

Spirit Island

Jan’s Bulletin Board

An Ordinary Woman

il ghepardo

Ronald Juliet

Awakening To Your Story

Kismets’ Oubliette

It’s Not Always Black and White

My Point Of View

Eko Village


Congratulations to each of you because you are simply amazing~



24 thoughts on “Liebster Award #2

  1. Congrats ! You deserve something like this for the time and effort you put into making people aware of the natural world around us, and how delicate and endangered it is. You live in the Ocala…is that the same place that the “Orchid Thief” was written about? One of my favorite books, an idea book about the search for beauty, and how obsessed people can become once they find it in the natural world around them. All the best.

    • Thank you so much for the compliment.
      I deserve nothing, but truly do appreciate the kind thoughts from others here.
      My purpose is to deliver a message, nothing more.
      What those who come here choose to do when they learn of the ugly things happening to animals everywhere, is what really matters,
      If they do anything, if they get involved, then this Blog is a success.
      The animals are all that matters, at least to me.
      The “Orchid Thief” was written about a flower that grows very far south of here, in a magical place where hopefully, few will ever find it.
      There is more about it here, if you are curious:

      • You do what you do well. There’s another blogger who does animal rights posts, and she’s annoying as hell. First, she puts up all the goriest stuff she can, thinking she can shock people into not eating red meat, or whatever. It’s just a big turn-off…it’s certainly not the way to get a message across. You show the nobility of creatures, which is a subtler, yet effective way to get the message out. Where that other person drives people away – I cut her off, even though I agree with her opinions – you offer some sound education and encouragement to pay attention. Good for you !

    • The thing is, those ugly, sickening pictures are everywhere, but they make me cry, so how on Earth can I post them here for my followers to have to look at?
      I don’t want people to cry, I want them to learn what is happening and then care enough to get up off of their behinds and go do something about the ugly treatment animals are receiving every day at the hands of cruel people all over the world.
      God Bless you, you give me hope to go on.
      Some days, I think I am alone and just another salmon swimming upstream.

      • You are not alone. And since you don’t make people feel like throwing up with your posts, you’re probably doing some good in this world. More power to you. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this honor. I do not know if I deserve it while you certainly do with the worthwhile work you on behalf of animals. I congratulate you !
    I do not do the follow up on awards, So if you want to give it somebody else instead it is okay with me. And I thank you for the recognition all the same. Sincerely, Vera at il ghepardo

    • You most certainly do deserve this award and I wish that you would consider taking it~
      Your Blog brings so much happiness to so many people.
      I selected this group very carefully, so your name will remain on it either way~

  3. PS: SORRY if the link ” about me ” did not lead to the correct page. I have fixed it now… still trying to organize after I updated my Word Press package… thanks for everybody’s patience.

  4. Congratulations and thank you so much! I’m so glad you found my page and that I started a wordpress in the first place! You are an awesome person! Keep it up! 🙂

      • 🙂 Thank you and you’re welcome! I feel I should clear up one small matter of “Sir” since I am a female. I’m not bothered by it at all and I can assume how you got to that by my accurate yet misleading picture. It’s actually a picture from Jim Carreys’ movie Liar Liar. 🙂 If you haven’t watched it, this picture is from the scene where he can’t lie, even to say the blue pen is red no matter how hard he tries. It was very much how I felt when I started my blog having realized some things weren’t what I thought they were or what I tried to tell myself they were.

      • OMG!!! I am so, so sorry.
        See what happens when we assume?
        Yes it, the movie and he, Jim Carrey, are two favorites, he is wonderful and that scene is hysterical.
        Regardless of the goof, you are so deserving and the feeling is STILL mutual!
        What is your name ? may I ask?
        Mine is Donna.

      • No worries Donna! I was going for some ambiguity. 🙂 I didn’t want some people’s opinions to have been skewed with gender since it’s the thoughts and content that matter. 🙂 And yes you may ask! My name is Danielle. 🙂 Thank you again! I’ll be posting about it the next time I get a good chunk of time to plan my wording! 🙂

  5. I wanted to thank you again for the award and say congratulations to you for winning. I do so enjoy your blog, the photos and information. You are a true steel magnolia.

    • You are so welcome and so worthy.
      If I were ever to become a flower, would wish it to be a Lily of the Valley, my all time favorite flower, which would not grow in California or here in Florida either.

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