One Less Monster In The World Today

Elephants At Zakouma National Park in SE Chad,
the tragic sight of many Elephant deaths by poachers.
Picture credit: C. Michael Hogan


Who says that dreams don’t come true?

Today is a miracle day for all those who love Elephants, as a monster has been captured in Africa.

In Chad a poacher named Hassan Idriss, who has the blood of 89 Elephants and more on his hands, has been captured.

This monster has been repeatedly murdering Elephants and he is known to have help or accomplices.

It is time to get serious about these monsters and drag them all into court, where they will hopefully be given the harshest ever known sentence in Africa for these heinous crimes.

Do they have the death penalty in Africa for poachers?

If they do not, they should because these mass animal murderers are at the bottom of the barrel as far as a species goes.

Yes, there is one down, and so many more to go, but on this wonderful day, there is one less.

So many Blessings can be said today for a small, but important victory for the Elephants.


Please do read the story about this and so much more at this remarkable place for all who love animals:

Poacher Captured In Chad




10 thoughts on “One Less Monster In The World Today

  1. May he never see the light of day. I wonder if Africa does have the death penalty as prison would be too good for an evil such as this.

  2. I have to say I am glad to hear this man being captured. The life he has decided to have is so tragic. I do not, however, agree on what “PK” says in her comment, as I do not wish the death penalty on anyone – monster or not. But that is my opinion, of course

  3. That is Really Great News, Death Penalty is not the Punishement for such a Monster, Break his arms and legs and let him beg for the rest of his life

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