A Fed Bear Is A Dead Bear

Calcite Springs Overlook Yellowstone NP, Wyoming

A young Black Bear
Picture credit: hans-stieglitz


Once again this morning, I had not intended to write, but once again it was not to be.

This state has a pretty poor record, in my eyes, when it comes to “nuisance,  (their word not mine)  anything.”

Nearly every day in our local news, there is another story of a wild animal who has caused a problem and has been killed.

Today,  yet another Black Bear has stepped across that magical, mythical line set up by those in charge and he has paid for his indiscretions with his life:   Black Bear Euthanized

He was ” euthanized,” what a deceitful word that is, why do they dare not speak the truth, they killed him.

Our Florida Black Bears are normally shy, reclusive, omnivores (which means that they will eat most anything) and there has never been an incidence of one attacking a human here.

The ones who end up on the Orlando news are usually at the top of a tree, waiting for the people, the cameras and the noise to leave,  so that they can come down and go about their business.

Perhaps if I had not lived for so many years in a place like California, where wild things are now pretty much coveted, it would not be so hard to live here in Florida, the wildlife hunting capital of the South.

To be completely fair,  it was not always so animal friendly in California, in the historical past,  many wild animals were hunted and killed, which is why today, there are so few of them left and people have reversed their thinking and now go out of their way to protect them.

Florida seems to have such a low tolerance level for wild things that bring attention to themselves.

The place where this bear was killed is in an upscale place on Florida’s West or Gulf Coast, called Naples, I know this only because one of my Aunts lives there and she has commented on the kind of people who call it home.

Some of the very wealthy residents of Naples, like others of Florida’s affluent resort areas, only live here part of the year and they don’t care much for having wild things roaming around in their neighborhoods and want to be assured that everything  is  “under control.”

And as is usually the case with a wild animal here, “under control” means dead.

We did have a large gorgeous Black Bear here in our little corner of the world that was recently caught and relocated:

Massive Black Bear Relocated

So, the lesson learned here is a bitter one, indeed.

Any animal, wild or otherwise, will remain where a food supply is constant and it was surmised by the authorities,  that someone was feeding this young Black Bear.

As the FWS officer who ended this bear’s life quite accurately pointed out,  ” a fed bear is a dead bear.”

The reminders about “bear safety” are on the news here constantly and wouldn’t you think after witnessing enough of these sad “euthanizations” on TV, that people would eventually get it?

If we eliminate their food source,  the Bears won’t come.

So, this little, young bear is gone, he is dead and will not, as has often been done in the past, be relocated up to where we are in the Ocala Forest, because he might repeat his most “offensive actions.”

If only our Florida wildlife got as many second chances, as the criminals here who repeatedly commit the same crimes and continue to go free.

Perhaps there should be a separate  justice system for our criminal wildlife?



31 thoughts on “A Fed Bear Is A Dead Bear

  1. It seems people want animals on their own terms. They are awesome when they can be fed by the human hand or can entertain our children. When it is not on the peoples’ terms, they see it as an invasion and take unnecessary actions.

    • Yes, you are exactly right, especially here.
      Because of all of the attractions in the Orlando area, some people act like our wild things are just another attraction and are just as disposable as the wrappings on their food.

    • How correct you are.
      This phrase is used repeatedly in the news here by wildlife officials.
      It is now so common in fact, that it seems to have lost all of its intended impact by them.
      What is the word, desensitized?
      But, I don’t think people here really even think about it anymore.
      Obviously not, because they keep feeding the Bears!

  2. Such a shame the powers that be don’t take a similar dim view and attitude to numerous members of our own species. But while the ever growing disease, that is the Homo Sapien, continues to mulitply at an ever increasing rate and spreads into natures back yard, such things will happen more often.

  3. If only our elected officials were euthanized for the nuisances they create. Another double standard and Florida flaunts its fair share of them. But you know from where I hail and our lawmakers/enforcers are just as barbaric. Why is it that California, for all of its shortcomings, is often the first state to “get it?”

    We still have a say and our votes count. Let’s work to make select “Feds” comparably disposable.

    • How right you are Eric.
      One thing I could always proudly say about California, was that the frequently led the way on important Issues.
      No state truly has a corner on the market of stupidity and/or cruelty, these seem to be equal opportunity evils~

  4. Yes, that term of “euthanized” really gets my goat. Thanks for your thoughtful and heartbreaking words.

    • Thank you Karen.
      It was very hard to write this.
      Sometimes, I think I should not hurt others with the things that happen,
      but if I don’t they will have truly died for nothing, is that better?

  5. I just wanted to let you know you have a wonderful gift. The one blog I read yesterday broke my heart. Your blogs are some of my most favorite on wordpress. You have such a sacred gift from the Creator. When I read your blogs. I can feel the love you have for them. They so need a voice and you give them one. Please do not give up on them. You are so needed in their world. If no one helps them they will just keep killing them all. Humans should have learned by almost killing the buffalo and eagles to extinction. We can not live with out the animals. I can not believe how much evil is afoot in the world today. It’s quite disgusting. Me and alot of my friends on Facebook have been trying to save the wolves. Dogs are mans best friend. It just tears me up inside. I got in a confrontaion and believe me I did not back down with a man about the wolves. About how much hunters donate to conservation and all that. I told him -They would not need conservation. If you hunters weren’t kill all of them. Really!!! I said move them into sacred wildlife sanctuaries. You don’t need to kill them. He didn’t have an answer for me. So please do not give up on them. They so need our voices. The Creator will find us away. Bless you and prayers. P.S. There are some of us who care.

    • Thank you for your kind empathy, it is gratefully accepted.
      What I have is no gift because it hurts too much.
      It also hurts those who read the sad words.
      It is at present, a situation with no good answer.
      Yet, if the truths are not known, how can we help those who are in such need?
      This Blog has now become a small Village and as such, can we please work together and make some noise for all of the animals who are being killed or are suffering at the hands of Humans.
      We must go beyond writing and take actions, this is the only thing that can or will stop this.
      Remember Vick and his dogs?
      People who hurt animals must be incarcerated, they will not stop willingly.
      Abuse frequently begins with animals and then proceeds to humans.

      • Love hurts. It shouldn’t , but it does. Or- how would we know love? There are alot of us here with voices. Yours is crying in the wilderness. I am lucky to have alot of people who are trying to put our voices out there for the ones who have no voice. You speak loudly for them 🙂 I in my heart I know you have a gift. Love is a gift!! Like you said one abuse leads to another. But love conquers all 🙂 The Creator has gifted you sister 🙂 We fight for what is worth fighting for 🙂 I have 1600 friends on facebook alot are natives for the idle no more movement and saving the wolves 🙂 So with their friends and my friends we are making lots of noise. I just love reading your blog its beautiful 🙂 So sister please even though it hurts 🙂 It’s just because you love them so much. that it hurts. You just don’t think it’s a gift. I think your wonderful for what you do. A little from all of us is working and we are making some noise 🙂 To be strong we need to stand together 🙂 There is strength in numbers God Bless you and prayers sister!!!

  6. This is such a sad thing to hear. I would understand the killing if the bear was a danger or it had attacked someone but it’s not it’s fault that it came after food, stupid people who feed the bears and get them killed..

    • You are so correct.
      Bears and other wildlife are being “fed” and led to their deaths all over the country.
      People think that they are helping, but the exact opposite is what is happening.

  7. It is tempting in our grief to blame public officials but quite clearly the fault is with the people who feed and condition wild animals to expect handouts from humans. To allow “fed bears” to roam residential neighborhoods seeking out humans for more food could lead to astronomical lawsuits when the unthinkable happens, say to a child. First choice would be to relocate the bear, if possible; second step is to euthanize once and for all the human who caused the problem in the first place. 🙂

  8. It broke my heart reading this… And you write with such empathy towards our fellow creatures, as always. Florida DOES have issues with *living* creatures, doesn’t it? It’s heartbreaking.

    I just wrote a scathing response to an article titled “Aggressive foxes appear in local neighborhood.” Well, the foxes weren’t aggressive. They were defending their kits from DOGS not on leashes walked by the locals. And the comments in the article? “They’re in MY den now.” Seriously people? BAD journalism notwithstanding, this state needs some serious re-education on our THREATENED AND DISAPPEARING WILDLIFE.

  9. We still hunt in California. I believe, if you eat meat, you should, at some time in your life, have to take the life of the animal and prepare it for food. In order to appreciate the process and recognize when you eat meat, an animal died. If you eat meat from a domestic animal, it never stood a chance to get away.
    They do not say what they did with the meat of the bear. When they killed the bear, you are quite right “kill” is the correct word, did they ruin the flesh for food?
    They should at least have had reverence enough not to waste it.
    It is so disrespectful to invite a bear into the neighborhood by tempting it with food, kill it, and waste it.
    Once, in Eureka, CA, two bears at the zoo were killed to free up their space for a new bear grotto. They called it euthanasia then, too. It was killing, pure and simple. I don’t think they were eaten either.

    • Agree with everything you said.
      What a species Humans are.
      This Blog exists for one singular purpose, to make as many as possible aware of the
      harm that is being done to animals on this planet every day, primarily by Humans.

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