Will They Hear Your Voices?

Wild Mustangs In Arizona
Picture by John Harwood


Prayers can and will be answered.

Voices can and will be heard.

Thank you so much to the wonderful group at Our Compass!

I have just signed this and am next sharing it on F.B.

Please I beg you, please do the same.

Sign it,  share it, reblog it!

Let your voices speak for these Horses who are out of time and about to be slaughtered.

Please read this and act fast.

Reblog this, share this, please help to spread the word.

Please don’t let them die without their voices being heard:

Update:  US Horse Slaughter On Hold For Now



37 thoughts on “Will They Hear Your Voices?

    • God Bless you Eric and thank you so very much.
      You are right there on the Front Lines and unlike me, you can reach out and speak directly to those in charge~
      Wish we could all be there with you~

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    • Thank you so very much for the great Honor of the Inspiring Blogger Award.
      With regrets, I am afraid that I cannot accept any more Awards at this time.
      My husband is very ill and we are constantly traveling long distances right now to the VA hospital for Heart surgical appointments.
      I am under a lot of stress with all of this and no longer have the time required to do Awards the dedication that they truly deserve.
      I completely understand that you may not know about all of this because you are new to the Blog.
      Here is the page that I posted recently about my gratitude and regrets concerning any future Awards: https://walkingwiththealligators.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/my-last-award-for-now/
      I hope that you will understand and forgive me for not accepting your very kind offer.

      • No forgiving needed. You do not need to do anything about the award, but know that others are thinking of you. So, I will not take it back. You need all the support you can get at this trying time. I do hope your husband feels better. Do not stress. My memory is horrible, I do remember reading that post, but I forgot. Sorry. Stay well and know that you are not alone, especially in cyberspace. We are in your pocket. Best wishes – Lorian

    • Thank you for your understanding.
      I was worried that I might offend you and that would never be my intention.
      You are all important to both of us~
      Your support gives us both the strength to continue online and off~

  3. There are no words that speak to the atrocities and abuse committed to these magnificent creatures, the supposed symbols of a free and wild America — from their sale, to their transport and slaughter. Horrific abuse at all levels. THANK YOU, as always, for speaking on their behalf. Ever since Obama overturned the law protecting them, I’ve signed and emailed all I could…. People need to shout their fury from their computers. Anything and everything helps these animals.

    • You and all those like you with such passionate hearts, are the Blessing that gives me the motivation to
      keep pushing back.
      Without all of you, it would be so much harder to keep fighting against the bullies, the tyrants, the murderers
      and just plain stupid humans.
      Those who care nothing for life, can not win this fight, we with the caring hearts must.
      Thank you my little tree hugger, you never disappoint~

  4. I just want to tell you that I appreciate what you are doing. I live with intelligent animals that convey their ideas in non verbal ways. I also have a parrot that speaks English and combines words in novel ways to communicate her thoughts. Having this experience and being an animal advocate – all animals – my entire life, I KNOW that they think, reason, feel and would speak to us if all of them had the musculature and voice mechanisms to do so. What we do to animals in this country and on this planet is barbaric.

    • Dear Beth:
      Your love and deep concern for animals shines bright in your comments and is so appreciated.
      Can the world ever have enough like you and those who come here and offer their hearts on behalf
      of ” those with no voices? ”
      From my heart to yours, thank you~

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