Facing Life’s Limitatations

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Our little house in El Paso, the last house, in the last housing track, we were at the end of Texas, next stop New Mexico.


Another of the many advantages of living in Florida presented itself this morning in my email with this remarkable example of extraordinary humans overcoming adversity.

As the mother of a physically challenged son, this story as you may well expect, touched a special place in my heart.

I was a young bride at the end of the Viet Nam War and we were stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas for three years.

During that time, I saw more than I care to remember of the horrors of war first hand.

My son had multiple health issues and so we spent a great deal of  time at the Army Hospital there.

During the long period of his ongoing treatments, some of the soldiers who were also being treated there, shared their experiences of the “hell” of war with me and how they felt about their disabilities and what might become of their lives.

Some of them were in terrible shape, many were the only ones of their friends from back home who were still alive.

Their stories changed my life.

I was a naïve 18 years young and knew little of the “real” world back then, theirs or mine.

When I left that base 3 years later, I was a very different person, war changes people, not just the soldiers, but their families as well.

Anyway, back to today’s story, these are today’s veterans, today’s soldiers, yes, the world has changed, yes, wars have changed, but how each of us faces physical limitations, perhaps not so much.

Their stories are ones of hope, faith and courage, I know what they face, and now all of you can share it as well.

Oh, and by the way, yes they are looking for a few sponsors in their quest to help Marine life.

I know the kind of hearts all of you have and I’ll just bet some of you may get involved in this~

Soldiers fighting for Marine life in Florida

Disabled Vet: I feel alive Scuba Diving

Operation: Blue Pride



8 thoughts on “Facing Life’s Limitatations

  1. We all should be more empathetic, as well as educated, about what soldiers go through. It seems like they just don’t get the respect and gratitude they deserve, which is really sad. That’s why is great that you wrote this post- to bring more attention to them!

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