Why Seeds Matter?

JaneGoodallSept2011Angela George

Jane Goodall September, 2011
Picture credit: Angela George


As many of you know, my education was in Anthropology and perhaps you may have read the recent posting here about Dian Fosey’s life and the movie Gorillas in the Mist.

Today in my email, there was a story that I wish to share with all of you, actually it was an outstanding interview done by the Sierra Club recently with the remarkable  Jane Goodall,  who at nearly 80 years of age, still remains one of the world’s most revered Anthropologists/Primatologists.

Mary Leakey, Margaret Mead, Dian Fosey and Jane Goodall were my heroes and as women, their importance in the field of Anthropology, were as the groundbreaking “door openers” for all of the women of the science who would follow them.

What is discussed in this interview,  is something very close to her heart and mine as well, it is all about seeds.

What is so important about seeds you may ask?

Seeds, are the primary source of food supplies in countries all over the Globe, and for years they have been controlled by Monsanto and may I add, they do not have our best interests at heart.

This company has been written about here previously and their quite poor record on Global health issues is a matter of public record.

GMO’s, seeds and what we all  need to know to protect our world and the future of all food, which after water,  is without question, a most crucial part of all human life, are discussed in the interview.

Although a  recent most unflattering critique of her book reveals some issues,  these remarks are about her book,  Seeds of Hope, however, the issue of how extremely important seed supplies in the world are,  is what should be focused upon.

What is that saying, ” let those of us without sin cast the first stone? ”

Personally, my own sins would probably reach from Florida to the Moon and back~

So, if the critic’s claims are true, I can and do forgive her for her literary sins, but what I believe is much more important here for all of us, is the very bright light that she shines on the subject of how Monsanto is very successfully trying to control all of our world’s food sources.

Goodall’s book may have some problems, but her ideas about seeds, are what should matter to all of us, if we wish to have untainted food supplies in the future.

Hopefully you will have a moment to read this intriguing, passionate interview, about the potentially dark future of our world’s food.

It’s not too important, it’s only about whether or not our children and their children will have safe, healthy food to eat.

Sowing Seeds Of Hope:  An Interview with Jane Goodall



24 thoughts on “Why Seeds Matter?

  1. Readers interested in seeds and a non-GMO future might want to learn more about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. Thank goodness others are acting to protect and preserve natural food resources.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog so I could discover this very important post, Gator Woman. I’ve just posted three items on my Face Book page about Monsanto – my meager attempts to inform.

    I cannot believe that such a travesty of injustice is allowed to continue – with no persons being held accountable. Here we are, exposing a corporation when it’s PEOPLE who run a corporation.

    Thank goodness Europe is taking a stand. Thank goodness some South American countries are saying, “Enough!”. However…Doctor, heal thyself…who’s taking responsibility for this devastation of nature in the home turf of this monster?

    Have you seen this? http://media.mercola.com/ImageServer/public/2012/january/study1-big.jpg

    Now…I’ll quietly step down from my soapbox and find Jane Goodall’s book. Thank goodness she wrote on this subject!

  3. Vandana Shiva is also a world famous fighter for seeds and is against companies like Monsanto with unsustainable practices. http://www.vandanashiva.org/

    I planted tomatoes last year for the first time in decades. Growing my own food is empowering and enjoyable. Now I garden whenever I can even if it is at a friends house. Thank you for keeping this conversation going strong.

  4. Ths issue crept in, hardly anyone noticed the change from freely available seeds that didn’t ‘belong’ to anyone to Monsanto’s taking over of the supply and worse still trying to prohibit the sale of any other kinds of seeds. I try to use ‘heritage’ seeds and save seeds from crops I grow. Everyone who cares should buy and grow some of the world’s seeds even if they don’t really want the crop if every gardener out there who blogs grew one WE COULD SAVE THE WORLD. I will write about this soon too to try to help spread the word.

    • Thank you for your insightful, intelligent thoughts on this critical issue.
      You obviously deeply understand what is going on and for that God Bless you!
      Please feel free to reblog anything that you like here, including this story~

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