To Protect And Serve


A Loggerhead Hatchling
Photo credit: NPS


Derek Conley, a Sarasota Police officer was out just doing his job, when he was presented with a very unusual chance to be a hero.

You see, Officer Conley saved nearly 100 baby  sea turtles  who had  taken a wrong turn on their way out to sea and freedom and were heading into a hotel at Lido Beach.

This man’s awesome actions gives a whole new meaning to the standard police motto which proudly states,  that their duty is to, “protect and serve.”

When Officer Conley came upon the large number of hatchlings crossing the parking lot at a Resort, he jumped into action and with the help of some of the guests at the hotel, he quickly scooped up nearly 100 sea turtle hatchlings who were headed in the wrong direction, instead of towards the beach.

It was very apparent that the little ones were obviously distracted by the bright lights at the Resort.

This aware and alert Officer even had the presence of mind to call the correct authorities about the situation, as well as stop traffic to protect the babies.

This is such a critical time in Florida and other sea turtle nesting areas right now, which is why residents along the beaches known to have nests are instructed to observe ” lights out ” until the end of October, to save the hatchlings lives.

And in this case, these little ones were very lucky to have a man on duty who did exactly all of the right things, at the right time.

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17 thoughts on “To Protect And Serve

  1. I have read about the problem of lighting and the babies going toward them instead of the ocean. I think there are some places that have banned lighting so close to them. Thank goodness for the kindhearted people. That was wonderful!

    • So happy you liked it.
      Thought we could all use a happy story to help erase the ugly ones, for a bit at least~
      Please take a look at the first link, it is the Sarasota PD with his picture and story.

  2. Wonderful! When I first learn about sea turtles hatching and going to sea I was just a child and always wondered how they didn’t get lost. Thank goodness this man had the knowledge to help those babies.

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