This Little Piggy~

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Chris P. Bacon and Doctor Len Lucero                 All pictures credit: Doctor Len Lucero


Going through some pretty old newspapers this morning, I came across an old, but “new to me” story and knew that it needed to be shared with all of you.

Near us there is a Veterinarian who is a one of a kind, very special breed of Doctor.

You see, that is what he would have had to have been, to accomplish what he did.

Right about now, many of you are thinking that I am obsessed with baby animals this week, ok, agreed, it must look that way, but this is all purely coincidental, I can assure you.

After Deer, who absolutely own me, my next favorite animals are pigs.

Does this come from the many summers in Indiana spent on my Uncles farm, where my job everyday was to feed them and the chickens?


But seriously, how can you not love a baby pig, it simply is impossible.

Now, this little piggy is NOT like any other, he is very, very special, just like the Doctor who adopted him and changed his tiny life.

This little piggy much like my oldest son, was born unable to walk, his back legs did not work properly.

My son’s leg’s, like Chris P.’s,  did not work properly either, he was born paralyzed and is a paraplegic, which is why this story went right straight to my heart.

It all began when the original owner of this little pig, brought him into a local Vet Hospital and gave him to the Doctor.

The Vet being the humanitarian that he was, made her a promise, that he would do his best for the little guy and keep him alive as long as possible.

Well, Doctor Len Lucero has exceeded any and all expectations in that category.

So began the story of Chris P. Bacon,  ( I will forgive the Doctor for this name ) because of his extraordinary efforts to help make the pig’s life as good as he possibly could.

Doctor Lucero created a device that would act as the pig’s hind legs and allow him nearly completely normal mobility.

This was not an easy task and his efforts and Chris’s responses to them, are simply so inspiring, that the little guy became an instant internet mega star.

He now has his own Facebook Page and countless stories, pictures and videos of him are everywhere.

Very soon, there will be a  3 volume book set  about their many adventures together.

Recently Chris was at our Breanna’s Vet Hospital at the UF in Gainesville, for some surgery and one can only imagine the reactions of the other visitors that day!

The rest of Chris P.’ s story is pure Hollywood and what has since followed, gives one hope for our species, which you already know  if you follow this blog, that occasionally, I do lose faith in Humans for their frequently egregious treatment of animals.

BTW, just got off of the phone with Doctor Lucero, while asking him for picture use permission.

He says that his favorite picture of them together, is the one where Chris is giving him a kiss.

My personal favorite is the one where he has fallen asleep~

I keep remembering something that my grandmother used to say to me years ago about facing life’s many challenges,

” when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. “

I think, perhaps that the Doctor and Chris may be opening a highly successful lemonade stand very soon~


You can read and see much more about Dr. Lucero and Chris P. here:

Chris P. Bacon Facebook Page

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16 thoughts on “This Little Piggy~

    • Yes, he is a very special man who opened his heart to a tiny, defenseless creature.
      After so many horrible stories lately, we all deserve to have a little sun shine on us.

    • They are out there.
      But finding them and their individual stories is a struggle.
      The media would much rather show us the beastly, ugly ones.
      Remember the old adage, ” if it bleeds, it leads! “

    • Thank you for your sweet thoughts Marla. I am truly sorry it made you cry.
      Think of what might have been and how lucky this little pig is that this man adopted him~
      If only there was a Doctor Lucero for every animal with a physical challenge!

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