If You Knew~

Our Mimosa Tree with a Brown Swallowtail


If you are like me, you love to spend the summer outside, planting and spoiling your yard and/or your gardens and taking great delight in the myriad of colorful things that come to enjoy them with you~

As you can imagine, Florida, being a tropical paradise, has as many gorgeous plants, as it does things to enjoy them.

You make countless trips to your local stores and bring home bright, beautiful flowery things that you hope will not only live and prosper, but will also please the little things that come everyday and politely pollinate them all for you.

That would be the glorious butterflies, bees and hummingbirds, to name but a few.

But, what if these very pretty things that you brought home, were covered with bad things that were hurting our little winged friends?

Would you still bring them home?

Of course not!

Well, if you shop at Lowe’s or Home Depot or other similar Garden Stores, the plants that you are bringing home, just could be,  ” laced with pesticides. ”


If you would like to learn more about all of this and also wish to sign a petition addressed to the CEO’s of these companies, insisting that they “cease and desist”  in this diabolical practice, please look at some of these links:

Gardeners Beware

Study Finds Many “Bee-Friendly” Plants Laced with Pesticide

Are the Flowers you’re buying killing Bees?

Pilot Study Finds Plants Sold As ‘Bee Friendly’ Pretreated With Pesticides


BTW:  One last word of caution, the Wild Bird Seeds that we all bring home for the gorgeous birds who come each day to visit us, also has pesticides in them:     Bird Seed Poisons Wild Birds

No Dorothy, our world has not turned out to be a place of, ” better living through chemistry! “




16 thoughts on “If You Knew~

  1. OMG, that is horrible about the bird seed! I LOVE the birds and watch them often. How horrid to think I harmed them. Thank you for the info, much appreciated.

    • It is all really sad.
      They know what they are doing is wrong when they make these products.
      Are they hoping that we never find out?
      Think Organics.
      Many places now carry Organic, safe products for our wild things and our gardens!

  2. My speech exactly. My chemistry professor once said our modern chemicals are not better then what nature has provided us with for years. But they’re extremely aggressive.

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