Letting Go


2010, my mom and me,  working on our matching computers~


To those of you who have questioned my extended absence, it has become impossible to avoid this moment any longer, so with a very heavy heart,  the reason for my absence is now confessed.

As you may know, we went to Indiana at the beginning of last month for an annual family reunion.

What happened there, was an unexpected cruelty that crushed my spirit and ended all reason for doing anything related to writing since.

Within 13 minutes of checking into the Drury Hotel in Castleton, a beautiful place, in what we thought was the safest part of town, where  we had loved staying for the past two years, our gorgeous rented car was smashed into and we lost  nearly every nice thing that we owned,  in a violent, violating, senseless robbery.

The car  was parked right  in front of the side door of the Hotel, in broad daylight, at five-thirty in the afternoon,  in a crowded parking lot, directly across the street from  the Hilton.

We had gone up to the room first to check it out and then went down to retrieve our luggage, only to discover that our laptop computers,  clothes, personal family jewelry, and so many bags of beautiful things that had been so carefully chosen and packed for a glorious two-week holiday, were all  gone.

Thirteen minutes!

Unknown to us, there have apparently been a recent rash of these smash and grabs to cars in the Indianapolis Metro area, all pretty much just like ours.

Also unknown to us,  this Drury Hotel,  has had multiple car burglaries to their guests vehicles over the past few months.

The  policeman who filed our report, after viewing  the Hotels’ security cameras, was claimed to have said, that he had arrested  this same man, doing the very same thing, only a month earlier.

Women among  you will understand this, perhaps men may as well, only our very nicest things had been brought, because we were going to be making numerous trips to places  with family and staying at such a gorgeous Hotel, the everyday things were left at home.

This proved to be a most regretful, egotistical mistake on my part.

Yes, we were not harmed and our beautiful Breanna was safely with us when this happened, so there were blessings.

Yes, much of what was taken was just stuff, but not all,

Some things that were taken, can never be replaced and it is for those things,  that my heart  has been grieving all day, every day,  since.

I had to tearfully convey to my quite elderly mother,  that the gold watch and ring that her father had given to her in the 1940’s and  that she had so generously given to me,  to also pass on, was now  gone.

These were the only material things that either of us had left of him.

Having never been robbed before in such a wholesale manner and admittedly leaning heavily towards being anal retentive, this has all  been a shock to the senses.

There was one particularly good thing that happened during this terrible week.

We met the most wonderful woman at a nearby Thrift Store who helped us try to replace enough of the stolen things to get us back home. She went out of her way to make sure that we were taken care of, even though she was the Manager of this very large store and  had so many other things to do there. Her name and the store are deliberately kept private,  as she knows nothing of this posting and I would prefer to have her blessing before sharing  either here.

So today, my mourning ends officially and on this new computer, ( with Windows 8 and touch screen, yikes! ) minus the thousands of written words, treasured emails, pictures and memories, all gone with my beautiful white Vaio, I am  beginning anew and am finally, letting go.



61 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I am so sorry to read this. I almost didn’t want to click “like” on your post so please just accept my “like” as sympathy for your loss. It is hard to see the good in the world when bad things happen. Hopefully as more time passes, the more at peace you will feel.

  2. Oh my dear friend, what a terrible thing to happen…but try to accept that things, even sentimental ones, are just things. It is the memories in your heart which are important…these can never be stolen, damaged or eradicated. I feel so sorry that this bad thing should happen to such s lovely caring person…but facing facts..the world is getting worse and people no longer care about others..it will not get any better than it is today..
    I shall pray for you..that the Good Lord will shoe you support and care.
    At least you got a new laptop..do not leave it in the car again…it only takes an experienced thief seconds to get his hands on your property..don, t give them the opportunity ever again
    My love and care to you x

    • You are absolutely correct. Thank you for your love~
      My computer bag will be in the hand that isn’t holding Breanna when I go to check in next time~
      I was just a bit tired that day, had driven from Atlanta to Indy and my brain was numb.~
      And as for God, he/she has already blessed my life with all of you here at Word Press.
      You all give me strength and hope.
      The new Vaio is scary ~ Don’t like W8 or touch screen much.

  3. It is really very sad and I wish it hadn’t happened to you, of all people, who is so full of compassion towards the world. Please accept my heartfelt feelings of sorrow for what happened. It’s a shame that one loses not only the personal belongings which carry lot of sentiments, memories and good emotions, but also the trust and faith, and good feelings of innocence along with it. I am sure God will compensate you with better things in life; and who knows, you may get the stolen property back that is irreplaceable. You will be in my prayers.

    We did miss you, and I am very glad that you are back. Welcome aboard!

    • Thank you DEO.
      I missed all of you very much.
      You are all a part of my life and I look forward to reading all of your thoughts each day.
      As I said, God has already Blessed my life with all of you.

  4. Oh, my gosh, I am so sorry to hear about what you went through. It’s a terrible world we live in sometimes. Why do such awful things happen?

  5. That’s so awful. So many people I know (including my parents) have had precious sentimental things stollen. I’m so glad that you didn’t get hurt and also that you still have your blog and a new PC which sounds amaze!

  6. I hit like to show I am glad you are back but so sorry to hear of your loss. Having once been brazenly robbed myself, though not quite of so much of irreplaceable value, you do go on. It sounds like you have found the strength to do so and that is very difficult to get to. I congratulate you on your courage!

    • Courage is not a word that comes to my mind. I had no other choice really.
      I missed all of you and NEED to write about what is being done worldwide to animals.
      Thank you for your kind words.

  7. Such a common tragedy in today’s America. I am sorry for your loss. Sadly, our public schools are passing high school students all across America, who are not ready to compete, or apply for jobs. We are talking tens of thousands, if not reaching over a million all across America in one year. The prisons are busting at the seams and breaking into someone’s car is now becoming a pretty trivial offense. It is all too common. Young people have become so bold that they even say they can get what they want by stealing it and not working. These young people become adults who continue their crimes. The only thing left for the rest of us to do is protect what we have. Please keep your new computer locked down and out of your car. All of us bloggers want you writing. Glad to have you back.

    • Thank you for your kind thoughts.
      Agree with you about crime today.
      It has become a vicious cycle that sadly begins at home with a lack of good parenting, I believe.
      I was raised in a very poor family, but crime was never a part of my life.
      It comes from how your family looks at life I think.
      As for my computer, it is only in a car when we go away from home as on this long trip.
      But just the same, next trip my new one will be on one of my arms as I get out of the car!

  8. I totally relate to the feeling of violation that you were experiencing. I blame the hotel for not keeping a valet present at unattended cars for new arrivals. They should be held accountable. I hope the perpetrator of this crime gets the book thrown at him! Why are jails revolving doors? This man should have already been taken off the street before he could victimize more people. I share your mixture of outrage and grief. I’m so sorry for the loss of family heirlooms. I’ve had a similar experience and can relate to your downward spiral. I’m glad that you are back on your feet. Hang in there. You are not at fault! The person who victimized you is at fault. Period. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to reading your future posts. Much love, Russell

    • Thank you so much Russell.
      What was the hardest to accept in all of this cruel event, was that the manger of this upscale place never said one word about our loss of nearly $6,000.
      And this was our third time to stay there.
      My grandfather’s things can never be replaced, I must live with that, they should have been left at home.
      I am very happy to be back.
      You are all so generous and wonderful and make this so much easier by your warm thoughts.

  9. So sorry. That totally sucks. I would be crushed to lose my grandmother’s ring, even though it is just a “thing.” Glad you and yours are safe and you are back on-line. I have missed your writing.
    The world is so beautiful and so awful. I find it hard to be ever vigilant. Take care and be good to yourself.

  10. Compassionate counterpart, there are few words I can share that will mend your heart and comfort your conscience. Violation of any kind is reprehensible and I am feeling sad for you. At the same time, I am warmed that you took time to grieve and allow the anger and inquiry to flow through you. Even more uplifting is that you are choosing to put a stake in the ground and move forward. Always forward, as challenging as it will be for some time. I (and I know we) have missed you. It’s good to have you back with your blogging family.

    • Dear Eric:
      It has been a roller coaster for weeks now.
      But writing here yesterday finally stopped the unbearable pain that has been consuming me.
      The hurt grows dimmer with each passing minute now.
      As for being here, I missed all of you terribly and could not wait another day to read your thoughts again.
      It is good to be back~

  11. I am so sorry to read about what happened to you; some things can never be replaced. It is good though that you are able to “let go” and “move forward”. Welcome back. A.

  12. I’m glad you’re back, and sad to hear what happened to you. Letting go is one the hardest things to do in this world, and yet quite necessary to live a peaceful life, as I discovered many times. Welcome back !

  13. There are no words to convey what sense of loss and outrage I feel when I read this. Make sure you look on Ebay and Craig’s List and maybe contact pawn shops in that area to look for your things. I have heard that others have had success this way. So glad no human or animal was harmed but I who treasure my family heirlooms ache for you, truly. Congratulations on your new Vaio. I have an older one (2009) and I love it.

    • Thank you so much for your truly kind words, they mean so much to me right now.
      Actually called the pawn shops in Indy and went on Craig’s List right away.
      The things of my grandfather are gone and with them the only tangible thing remaining of his life, for me and my mother.
      As for Breanna, she is always attached to one of us, wherever we are.
      There were some sick reports the week we were up there about dogs being stolen and then being sold on Craig’s list.
      Just terrifying.
      This is my 4th Vaio. just loved them all.
      However, I am not a big fan of W8 or the touchscreen.
      Am totally mouse dependent!

      • I am completely paranoid regarding my pets. I never leave them anywhere for even a minute, not cars, not outside of restaurants (what are people thinking!) and never in hotel rooms. They are family just like children and are defenseless. There is nothing more reprehensible than kidnappers or abusers.

    • It is not paranoid, it is LOVE!
      As for Breanna and Hotel rooms, we have taught her to “sing”, so even when we go to the laundry room just outside our back door, she starts and doesn’t stop until we are back inside.
      So, if we ever left her in a Hotel room, the Police would be there when we got back!!!

    • I must have said that wrong.
      We have never EVER left her alone away from our house.
      Not ever. We too fear losing her.
      The “singing” is just for fun at home!
      Actually I think others would call it howling!

  14. I love the picture of you and your mom 🙂 Cherish her I am sure in her heart she cared more for you and sachem’s Safety and you were not hurt and Breanna. I lost both my parents for health rerasons. They live inside my heart. As I know your father lives in you. I miss them everyday. But I also agree with your heartsick loss. Criminals destroy lives. But I am glad none of you were hurt. peace my friend

  15. This is the first time I have posted a comment. I just felt so sad for what has happened to you and wanted to say how sorry I am. What a dreadful world we live in.

    Such things as losing your most treasured possessions is so traumatic that there is little anyone can say to ease the pain. I sincerely hope in time the sadness and sense of loss will become easier. So many times I have left luggage in a car, albeit with some unease, but still you just do not imagine that in reality someone could be so mean as to steal your things and in such a short space of time. Again all my best wishes to you.

    • Your kind words are so touching. Thank you more than you know.
      Coming home and finally getting back to WP has helped so much to ease the pain of the trauma.
      Your artwork is quite gorgeous, but your animal activism page is what took my breath away. I absolutely love it.
      You are a rare human being, please do not let the cruelty of some in the world ever diminish your beautiful spirit.

  16. I am so incredibly sorry that you had to experience that obtuse and senseless act…. I can’t fathom. I simply cannot. Some of those similar items in my life mean so very much to me. I cling to them. But as you say — the process of letting go in itself can be a healing process. Painful, but full of learning.

  17. I am so sorry for your loss! What a horrible thing! To lose your grandfather’s heirlooms AND your computer and no doubt, countless other treasures– that is a tough pill to swallow! My sympathies. *♡*

    • Thank you for your kind words of support. They mean so much.
      We are especially grateful that Breanna is always with us,
      there were dogs being kidnapped in the area at that same time and sold on Craig’s List.
      What a world!

  18. You experienced the exception and not the rule; you finished up some old karma so that you can go forward from here with your light shining even brighter. I am so sorry for your losses.

  19. I am deeply sorry that this happened to you. I have lost sentimental jewelry from my family before, and it felt, awful. I hope the memories will continue to bring you joy and blessings. A prayer for you! I hope you keep writing about all these important topics!!!!

  20. I came to your blog after reading a hint about your plight on THE CHICAGO FILES, Cher’s blog. I am so sorry that you and your husband and family suffered this violation. I had a similar event happen to me–a birthstone ring that my Mom & Dad gave to me on my 16th birthday, was stolen from my home three years ago. I had kept it safe for 45 years…so I can well relate to your loss of your Dad’s gold watch and ring! After reading what you wrote and the comments, I realize their gift to me can never be taken, even if the actual ring is gone. I know they sacrificed to give it to me. I have the memory. I hope your heart has healed a bit more from this horrible experience! Blessings to you!

    • What an unbelievably kind thing to say.
      Thank you so much.
      Actually they were from my Grandfather.
      I only found my father last Christmas(long story)
      I felt so horrible having to tell my Mother because he gave them to her and she gave them to me.
      But, what hurt even more was knowing that this same man had been arrested one month earlier for the exact same crime.
      Again, thank you so much for your kindness.
      May I ask where in the world you live?

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