Carte Blanche


A Right Whale mother and Calf


With this most recent  seal of approval, the US Navy is now  free to deafen, maim and murder sea life in both the Atlantic and the Pacific.

They have been given Carte Blanche.

The might of our Military will now be allowed to forge ahead full steam,  knowing well the consequences of their actions and leaving  little doubt that in this country at least,  the hammer will now be allowed to fall on those least able to protest.

The Navy’s war on whales  has been waging for years now and groups from all parts of the world have lent their voices in support for  them and other at-risk sea life,  who are being harmed by these reckless and cruel actions.

Time and time again, US Courts have taken the side of the Navy,  to the great peril of all ocean dwelling animals.

Along our Florida Coast,  the Right Whale  who comes here annually to give birth, is barely hanging on by a  thread and has only a few hundred surviving as of this date, as does their counterpart on the Pacific Coast, the endangered Blue Whale.

So why then are military actions said  to be for protecting the freedoms and liberties of this country being allowed to continue,  when they are causing the deaths of countless  animals that are already verging on extinction?

Perhaps the UN could intercede on  their behalf,  as we have so often done  with countries whose practices, ”  we  have not approved  of, ”  and demanded a change in  their chosen course?

Or, it may  be that the time has come for those in charge of American Military war games  to demonstrate a  bit more  compassion, and  humanity,  when dealing with animals?

Could they even possibly  show a bit more respect for the views of those who firmly support the belief that  all life is valuable, not just the two-legged ones?

Carte Blanche does not have any place in the world of endangered animals.


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19 thoughts on “Carte Blanche

  1. The use of low sonar frequency by the navy and its adjuncts disturbs communications between whales. Amazingly, whales can communicate using low frequency sonar across hundreds of miles. Navy use of these frequencies, altogether unnecessary, endanger these remarkable, awe-inspiring animals. Thank you for bringing to light the plight of these immense creatures who should be protected, not damaged, by our military forces!

  2. This is truly heartbreaking. I have spread the word to stop this from passing. The military protects us, which I understand. However, being that these creatures, and many other are protected, are they not breaking the law that the government passed? Do they get a free pass because it’s for “the good of the People”. What of those that feel this is horrible and disgusting. These creatures are not only stunning and fascinating,but they create balance in the ecosystem of the ocean waters.

    • Thank you Taylor for helping to keep the pressure on.
      They may be the powerful, US Navy, but at some point, even they must answer to a higher power.
      I truly believe in Karma.

  3. The American Military Industrial Complex will never become compassionate. If they can’t be with human life, how could they ever be with animals. There is a moment called reckoning. It serves a purpose.

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