Is Google Guilty?


The innocents being murdered daily for their parts


This subject was to be my first post several days ago, but because the accusations were/ are so sensational, I felt it needed a bit more investigating before sharing it and posting it to all of you.

As I am sure you are already sadly aware,  elephants and other horned African animals are being slaughtered daily for their body parts.

The list of people who are outraged by this crime is as to be expected, and includes some of the world’s most influential, right along with the rest of us,  who are just plain animal lovers.

If you are outraged by this horror being inflicted daily on innocents, for the love of all that they are, please speak for them, make your feelings known, get involved.

As if the very fact of these crimes was not enough to take our very breaths away, now a bitter shock came this week, in a petition in my email claiming that Google was making huge profits from ads that they are running on their web sites selling this illegal animal product.

For the past two days I have been obsessed with trying to find some kind of firm evidence,  a concrete truth,  on this most egregious claim,  but have been unable to do so.

So, I have decided to leave it up to you, knowing full well that you, my beloved readers,  are some of the most brilliant people on the planet.

Let us open a discussion here and see what happens.

Is Google making money from the illicit Ivory trade on their web sites?

Does this Petition speak the truth, as the email claims:  ” Google has blood on their hands. ”

This could prove disastrous for me for one reason, I use Google every single day for a myriad of purposes and if this all turns out to be the truth, I will have to cut the umbilical cord forever from them.

I will never, ever, be able  turn to them again for anything and for an information junkie like me, that speaks volumes.

Let us see what we find collectively on this disgusting and deplorable subject.


Here is the purported petition:     Google And The Ivory Trade Petition

And just a bit of data for you:      Kenya Urges World To Impose Moratorium




38 thoughts on “Is Google Guilty?

  1. I haven’t found anything new about this, the article you link to has similar articles on MSN and a slew of other sites, but none offer new information. It sounds like Google could certainly do a better job at taking down ads for ivory so I am signing the petition.

  2. After reading your post, I did some research into this and found the petition you were talking about. I read it, then did more research about Google. I found only one article so far about Google selling ivory products (
    That article says that Japan’s Google site is the one specifically doing it, but haven’t found anything else about Google to back that up. I’ll keep looking.

    However, I have found several sources that name eBay as the main culprit, which leads me to believe that eBay is the real problem. I’m going to post some info about this on my blog.

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! It’s absolutely immoral for any company to allow the advertising or sale of illegal animal products!

    Here a great source of info about illegal animal products being sold. It’s an online pamphlet by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (

    • Thank you so much for being the strong voice that you are and standing against the evil who do harm to the innocents.
      Great links, again thank you.
      As for Ebay and the others like them, they care for only one thing, profits.
      Ethical behavior is not high on their priority list.
      Need a better example, Craig’s List.
      Somehow we Humans seem to have lost our way or compass on morality and we had better find it again, soon.

  3. Just did some more research, found this– [].
    This article seems reputable and is by an organization called Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). It says that the agency has actually written letters to Google to tell them to stop allowing ads for illegal animal products such as ivory. Google has not responded and has not stopped the practice!!!

    Check out the links and tell me what you think.

    • Yes, they EIA, are very aggressively pursing Google and others for their involvement in this illicit business online.
      If not for them, much of what is now known may have been swept away.
      Google is now so powerful it may be impossible to find anyone who can truly stop them.
      The best hope will most likely be public pressure in a ” Boycott ” all of the dirty little places that their fingers are clutching.

      • I totally agree about boycotting Google!! Today, I decided to stop using Google Chrome as my web browser and have switched to Internet Explorer. I have also tried using Bing, and I’ve found that it’s pretty good. It used to be really confusing, but it looks like they’ve updated it so it’s easier now to read the search results. The other problem with Google is that their GMail service collects way too much personal info on people and gives it to companies that then use the info to advertise products.

        The best way to combat Google is to boycott them- they don’t care about animals, but they’ll definitely care about their profits going down if people stop using their products!

        It’s so exciting and encouraging to find other people who care about this stuff!

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  5. I personally use Google as my last choice for information gathering. A company who scans books without the copyright holder’s permission first defies decency. Plus, even in a time when we can admit that very little privacy is left and certainly anything put out into the web is at risk, we can still object to a company which states that we don’t even have a right to privacy. So they are not my fav in the matter of doing the right thing.

    • This potentially ugly situation may eventually affect humans and animals alike.
      If Google is found to be guilty of this horrific offense, the price for their greed may bring the giant to its knees.

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  7. I came across the following information this morning which seems to indicate that Google is indeed promoting on-line sales of elephant products and also whale products, at least these UK News sources seem to think so, though I have not read them all. All are dated back in March 2013

    The BBC
    Google must drop ivory adverts say campaigners

    Sky News:
    Google Ivory Adverts ‘Against Own Policies’

    The UK’s Sun Newspaper
    Google’s ‘role’ in blood ivory trade
    Adverts fuel surge in elephant tusk demand, conservation group warns:

    The Express in March
    Google ‘promotes brutal blood-ivory trade (There are some very shocking and deeply upsetting images)

    You probably already know about the eia

    I signed the petition, let hope this gets stopped. It is so shocking what’s happening to elephants and it is estimated if poaching continues elephants could be extinct in twelve years:

    I admit to using Google’s search engine but don’t think much to Google’s ethics in one way and another and this is the last straw.

    I hope I have not sent duplicate information as I have not read all the messages above.

  8. Thank you so much bringing this tremendous amount of information here to share on this horrific subject.
    It does not matter if there is repetition on this subject, the more times it is seen and heard, the better the chance that change may finally begin for those who are being murdered.
    Am so grateful that you are so dedicated to and concerned about the welfare of animals.
    Your beautifully organized work makes it easy for others to read and use as a reference point.
    I no longer use Google as a search engine.
    Bless you~

  9. Thank you so much for this information. I had no idea. Signed the petition. I get about 50 petitions a day but hadn’t seen this one so was happy to get it. Thanks for all you do for the animals.

  10. Thank you Rajiv.
    I try to address those issues that hurt me the most each time, knowing full well, that each of you care just as deeply as I do, about what is being done to animals all over the world.
    Bless you for your kindness.

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