Pilots N Paws


Our beautiful Breanna with her Christmas Moosie


A new era for this Blog is being introduced today.

As it is Sunday and peace and tranquility could be a possibility here, if only for a brief moment, from this point on, every Sunday,  if/when a new Blog is being posted,  it will be a good,  upbeat, positive story, period!

So, today begins this new  “good news only on Sunday era”  with a story that was on our local news this morning about a very “ special delivery ” being made near us today of animals who are being given a second chance at life.

The Organization behind all of this,  is  called  Pilots N Paws and who they are and what they do,  is why this Blog exists, they care deeply and work tirelessly and unselfishly for a single purpose,  they care for animals in need.

These selfless, kind and caring volunteer pilots pick up and deliver animals all over the country,  taking them from where they are presently on ” death row ”  to places where that word has no meaning.

And, as if all of this was not enough to put halos over their heads,  the group also offers help to Veterans, with their ” Paws of War Program, who benefit greatly from the love and devotion of a well-trained animal.

To these Pilots and the countless other volunteers who help keep this truly remarkable organization successful, may I say: God speed, you are all truly amazing Human beings.

I am really liking this new era, it feels good not to have to make all of us so sad every time that a new story is written.

Have a lovely, lazy Sunday and enjoy~


You may read more about this inspirational Organization here and connect your hearts to theirs, in the manner of your choosing:   Pilots  N  Paws



23 thoughts on “Pilots N Paws

  1. I can’t tell you how much I adore your dog!! Terriers are so handsome! I would ask you if I can have her,but i know you won’t let me have her. so i will have to give her a little pat instead 🙂

    • That would be absolutely correct.
      We lost our last one to cancer and as there were none anywhere around here,
      we had to drive to Oklahoma to get her.
      Airedales are simply wonderful, have had ONLY them since 1990 and am ruined for any other breed.
      I will convey your sweet pat to her right now, as she is right here next to me as I write this~

      • 🙂 I have a Westie, He means the absolute world to me. I too lost My dog in 2012,very nearly ruined my life. that’s what started me and my animal rights. Thanks for sharing a pic of your sweet dog and for all you do.

  2. With as much “bad” there is also “good” in our world. Without balance Earth would lose orbit and wobble away.
    thank you very much for subscribing to ETH. looking forward to viewing more of your very interesting posts!

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