Sensitive Sam


Sam Champion is the host of ” Sea Rescue”
Picture credit: Litton Press Release


What day is it?

( sorry had to do that for my favorite commercial of all time, the Camel and his Hump day antics make me howl )

But today actually is Sunday, and as promised, the day for only good, positive and upbeat postings, at  least on this Blog~

The two grisly, depressing postings this week,  left me drained and in a bad place, so I was grateful that today brought  some  happy relief.

Today I would like to share a very special person and program with all of you, his name is Sam Champion and the program is ” Sea Rescue “

It is on here in Florida each Saturday morning at  about 11:30 AM, but you can check with your local  area listings for your particular times.

Sea Rescue  has just started its third season on ABC and I have followed it since its inception, being a dedicated animal lover, you can imagine the joy of seeing injured wildlife rehabilitated and then returned to where they came from, nearly 100% of the time.

Many of the stories covered on the show are in and around Florida,  making it very relevant to those of us who live here.

The variety of rescues so far have included, dolphins, whales, sea  turtles and sea  birds  and many other assorted sea creatures, who are saved from sure death and then given back  their freedom in some fairly emotional releases,  by some very dedicated professionals.

Each  week there is a new selection of  “rescue’s ” to  rejoice in and the show is quite  well done.

The choice of Sam Champion to host this inspiring and educational  program was a smart one.

Sam has had a long,  successful career in broadcast journalism and is a pleasure to watch each morning on Good Morning America, as their resident,  first class weather anchor.

This complex, intelligent, caring, man  is involved with countless charitable organizations,  perhaps a reflection of the pain from personal family tragedies.

Always the cheerful optimist, he continually brings his own brand of positive energy  to those who know, work and love him, and nothing can dim the brightness of his light.

Sam,  you are an inspirational humanitarian,  thank you for being who you are.



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