Peddling Poison


Our baby Breanna at four months~


As you may already know,  we have an Airedale named Breanna,  who is unashamedly,  the center of our universe.

We are very careful about everything that touches her life, especially the food that she eats, which is why the news this morning was  so hard to hear.

I/we know that not everyone goes so over the top when it comes to food as we do, but we lost one to cancer and were determined that we would never allow anything questionable to ever  come into our home again.

People have often remarked about the diets that I have fed my Airedales,  saying that they don’t eat as good as they do.

(A former colleague at UCLA once asked if when he died,  he could come back as my dog.)

No, Breanna does not get anything to eat that comes from out of this country, in fact, much of what  she eats is Organic and  I/we prepare it for her.

If you are curious, please visit  this page to read more about her very carefully chosen diet, which has been approved by her Vet at the UF Veterinary School:   An Airedale Named Breanna

But, back to the whole reason for this posting today.

If you give your dog, or cat treats called Jerky,  please do look at the package and confirm its point of origin.

If it is from China, it could kill your pet.

If you still have the receipt, you might ask for a refund!

China, as  you may or may not know, has a long dirty record when it comes to food products  sent to this country and indeed the world,  to be consumed by unsuspecting humans  and/or their  pets.

The FDA says that they are on top of this, well, that would be a first!

In my opinion, the only ones with a worse record for food abuse in this country, other than China,  would be our own FDA!

Their position on GMO’s,  is only one example, but please do remember, that one of their  top people is a former lawyer from Monsanto!

It is very sad,  that as pet owners we must constantly be so vigilant in protecting them from things that others sell,  that could kill them.

It is more than past time, for the United States to grow a backbone and tell China that they can peddle their poison elsewhere, the US is not buying it anymore.

Here is the story:   Dogs Dying From Jerky Treats



14 thoughts on “Peddling Poison

  1. I used to prepare food for my dogs before they died. I wish I’d done it throughout their lives as the stuff that goes into dog food is fairly questionable. It’s so easy and cheap to make food yourself too. I used to prepare a big batch that lasted a few days.

    • I am so sorry that they are no longer with you.
      And, what is in commercial dog food, you really don’t want to know!
      I believe that our pets are much better off eating what we make for them, always.

  2. Breanna is a cutie!! Thank you for posting this! I’m always worried about what Coco eats! We worry about what we eat but don´t seem to worry enough about what our babies are getting.

  3. Good of you to raise consciousness here. I was already aware and it’s not just jerky treats. There are many other products being marketed/sold that originate in China. Be very careful! I have neighbor who works for a large Pet retailer. She also trains service dogs for returning Vets with PTSD. To the extent that we can prepare meals for our loved canine companions rather than buying and feeding them processed food (even the high-end stuff), the better off we’ll all be. Thanks, GW!

    • Breanna is probably the most protected animal you will ever meet.
      We lost the one before her to cancer and no one could tell us why.
      She was young and healthy and then she just got so sick and died of T-Cell Lymphoma.
      We now believe that it was caused by chemicals in her food, shots containing mercury, and a myriad of other toxins that their worlds are now filled with.
      Breanna’s world is nearly purely organic and home/hand made in our house.

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