Back From The Brink

brownpelican1                     baldeagleketa

On Left:  A beautiful Brown Pelican                                                           On  Right: A  gorgeous Bald Eagle
Picture Credits:  On  L:  SFWMD  and On  R:  Keta Design


It’s  “ feel good Sunday ”  and the story today is one that makes me personally, deliriously happy.

When I was in College a professor once told the class that 99% of all animals on Earth, will become extinct.

That sickening thought has stuck with me all for all of these years and today, I wish I could see him just once more,  to say, yeah,  but……

It seems that we Humans can,  and have,  made a decided difference in the lives of so many animals,  who were at one time doomed to disappear, to cease to exist.

But, for the past fifty or so years, through our diligent, repeated and determined efforts all over the world, one by one, they are coming back, back from the brink.

Some even with a vengeance!

Just think about this;  every action, even the little ones,  by anyone of us,  every minute or hour of time spent volunteering to do something for an animal or the environment,  every refusal to use a known chemical or toxin in your home, or yard, or at work, can and does, change their lives, forever.

The Bald Eagle and Brown Pelicans have always been two personal favorite stories of what could happen when we change our behaviors.

The Bald Eagle has become an unbelievably, now common sight,  nearly everywhere here in Florida, we see one almost every time we leave our house.

And the Brown Pelicans are once again, a breathtaking vision all along our Florida Coastlines,  flying in formation and giving those below reason to cheer for their very presence.

Some of the animals in this absolutely, uplifting,  positive story,  (and that is what the Sunday Blog is supposed to be as promised)  have not only survived, but are now flourishing.

And we Humans, can take a great deal of credit for this.

Although, some of those being removed from the Threatened List here in Florida, do leave me with concern, as the Black Bear, the Brown Pelican and others, in my opinion are still a bit fragile.

Another personal point of joy for me, was the news that our Crocodiles are not only,  not gone,  but are cleverly adapting and are now plentiful, although some in South Florida may not share my enthusiasm when they show up on their doorsteps~

Must consider moving further South!

While it is true that a great many of the animals  who were headed for oblivion, were due to things that we Humans did, their recovery can also be credited to us.

So the point is, if we do the right things,  we can stop the tragedies.

Each of us knows the disastrous effects that chemicals, toxins and polluted water have on a myriad of wildlife and we also know what must be done to stop it and to eliminate it.

In the end, the animals are not the only winners in this story, because what affects them, affects us Humans as well.

It all makes sense, doesn’t it?

A  clean, healthy planet makes life better,  for all of the living.


Here is the inspiring story from the Humane Society:   On The Way Back



17 thoughts on “Back From The Brink

  1. Reblogged this on JAMOROKI and commented:
    I remember swimming amongst a flock of brown pelicans in the sea at Miami Beach 1990. It was a wonderful experience so this post brought back the memories. Thank you.

  2. It’s good to know that “If we do the right things, we can stop the tragedies”!. What scares me, though, is that according to climate scientists, we are approaching a “tipping point” where the effects of the damage we have done will be irreversible and this is no longer true…

  3. I remember swimming amongst a flock of brown pelicans in the sea at Miami Beach 1990. It was a wonderful experience so this post brought back the memories. Thank you. I am reblogging

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