Persecuted Puppies

This is NOT even one of the worst examples of a Puppy Mill!
Picture credit: PETA


The sweetness and joy of yesterday’s posting,  is now but a distant memory this morning.

A friend on FB shared a story that has thrust me quickly into action at this moment.

I am sure that you are all aware of the sickening term ” puppy mills. “

They have made the news quite frequently here, mostly because there are so many  ” out of the public eye, ”  places to hide them in rural Florida.

They are usually run by ruthless, ugly people who care nothing for animals, other than the money that they can make off of them and their babies.

Normally, when a puppy mill is found and reported here,  they are shut down fairly fast.

If you are made aware of one of them near you, my prayer is that you make an immediate call to a news station and the appropriate public officials,  who will do what is necessary to stop the suffering of innocent animals.


**When we were in Indiana recently, we were,  as all of you know,  robbed and  were told several times to look on Craig’s List for our belongings that had been stolen because they are frequently reported to be sold there.

We were also told that there was a rash of dog thefts in the area at the same time and that the stolen dogs were being sold on Craig’s List.

Now we have also learned that many of those who run puppy mills,  sell their puppies on this very same place.

I have personally had a pretty negative opinion of this website for many years, but now, it has turned to downright disgust.**


Back to the point though of this posting….

Normally publishing other people stories and/or pictures,  is not something I wish to do, but this is an exception.

Most of you know all about our Breanna and how we love and care for her, so you can only imagine how hard this page and the stories on it were to read.

But you are all courageous,  loving people,  who want to make the world a better place for animals, so please try to look and read and then get involved for the love of all animals, the innocents,  please get involved.

They truly do have no one to speak for them, but you and me and wonderful groups like these people.

Please speak loudly!

If you have a problem getting to their FB page, I have just posted this story on mine this morning.


Here is the text and the picture:

My name is 109. I have lived in a puppy mill for 61/2 years.  I have had 11 litters of puppies and made my owner over $30,000.00. to show his gratitude, he has never bathed or brushed me….he has never placed a kind hand on me.  I have nev…er seen a vet or felt grass under my feet. The only time I am out of my 2×3 crate is when i am bred by force.  I get a little more food and a cleaner pen when i have my babies.  I am happy for a while but by 4 weeks they take my pups away  to sell them online and at pet stores and I am alone again back in my crate.  The wire floor in my crate has caused me to have permanent deep painful groves in my pads.  My nails are so long I can’t walk on a hard surface. Today, we were rescued….I am so scared, but i experienced something i have never heard before…..a soft gentle voice.”

Photo: My name is 109. I have lived in a puppy mill for 61/2 years.  I have had 11 litters of puppies and made my owner over $30,000.00. to show his gratitude, he has never bathed or brushed me....he has never placed a kind hand on me.  I have never seen a vet or felt grass under my feet. The only time I am out of my 2x3 crate is when i am bred by force.  I get a little more food and a cleaner pen when i have my babies.  I am happy for awhile but by 4 weeks they take my pups away  to sell them online and at pet stores and I am alone again back in my crate.  The wire floor in my crate has caused me to have permanent deep painful groves in my pads.  My nails are so long ican't walk on a hard surface. Today, we were rescued....I am so scared, but i experienced something i have never heard before.....a soft gentle voice.

This is the incredible group who is trying to stop this insidious “business”   please let them know you also care:

Stop Selling Puppies

This is a very difficult place to go, be prepared to cry.  I did.



52 thoughts on “Persecuted Puppies

  1. Utter disgust and loathing for these people. I rarely wish ill on others but for those who neglect, abuse and abandon gifts in the animal kingdom, I wish upon them comparable suffering. I know this in unChristian-like but I feel most strong about abhorrent and aberrant behavior.

    • I feel the exact same way. Although my heart was/is broken by this horrible story,
      I really had no choice, but to pass it along to all of you.
      If I don’t, then I am allowing them to continue these crimes against animals unabated.

    • Dearest Dr. Rex, you stand so strongly against evil and continuously show the rest of us
      what needs to be done and said, to right the wrongs on our Planet.
      Thank you for sharing this with your multitude of followers.

  2. I agree with Violet Veg*n e-comics: I clicked “like,” but only to show my support.

    There are, of course, more than enough rescue dogs to go around. If someone wants a purebred dog, then it is ethically incumbent on that person to conduct a thorough check of the breeder. Purchasing from a pet store is almost always a blind purchase: it’s difficult to reach through the pet store to the breeder to determine how well the animals are treated. (Pet stores don’t want purchasers cutting out the retailer.)

    So the recommended steps are simple: Don’t buy from pet stores. Don’t buy from Craigslist. Investigate any seller thoroughly before purchasing. If you find anyone dubious, consider ways of reporting the seller. But do be aware of the potential for defamation claims: never say more than you actually know, and preferably make your reports to some form of law enforcement personnel, as such reports usually enjoy a degree of immunity from defamation claims.

    • Thank you so much for this wonderful advice.
      Your thinking is so clear and precise and I agree with all that you have said.
      Bless you for your beautiful concern and love for the innocents.

  3. I agree with the destine that many feel about this horrid industry, but I have something else I was going to add to this conversation about livestock mills and slaughter houses that will sicken even people who like I am not a veterinarian. But, because I realized how long that comment would be I just now decided to make those comments on my blog. I will get to making this information public to you this evening after supper.


  4. I would never buy a companion animal from a breeder or pet store! I am an acquaintance of someone who breeds rex cats and he treats them like cattle. He holds them for the austere reason to “get them used to being handled.” I have a photographs of dozens of kittens piled on top of each other that he sent me because he thought it was “cute.” I could vomit. Animal breeders are … I can’t even say it.

  5. This is really sad and should be stopped immediately
    The common people should come ahead and do something to stop this, As said above anyone who comes to know about such a thing being going on, Should report to the appropriate authorities immediately, Hopefully one day there wont be any of these, God Bless

  6. How can people be so cruel and heartless. How can anyone be so callous as to cause such suffering to defenceless animals. This is just so sad. All for money as usual. Thank you for highlighting this atrocity. I have heard about puppy mills but did not realise just how awful the poor dogs are treated, such neglect, it has to stop as should all animal exploitation.

  7. you do a great service posting things like these, also very strong too. I don’t know if I would have the energy to post these sad, but necessary, items as much as you do, so kudos to you. thanks for keeping us all informed.

    • If only all of you knew the painful, personal toll that writing and posting these stories has on me.
      It hurts more than any of you will ever know, but if the information is not passed on, it will never stop.
      The only way to stop the Global suffering of animals, is for the entire Human race to look at themselves in the mirror and collectively say: ” I can make a difference and I will. “

    • BTW:
      Thank you so much for all of the GREAT info you have posted on your Blog
      about local places to see and things to do in the Orlando area.
      We are always grateful to find pet friendly places to go eat with our beloved Breanna~

      • you are welcome! I’m glad they are useful to you. If I could take my puppies with me everywhere, I would, so when I can, I like to pass along that info to others that feel the same way.

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  9. It heart-breaking. I see pups and cats in pet stores and I always wonder why is no local rescue centre or others doing anything. Buying a mill litter is bad, selling without papers must be punished too.

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