God Bless You Every One

Some gave all.
Members of the 15th Airlift Wing Honor Guard at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii.


On this very important day,  Veteran’s Day, may each of us take a moment to say thank you to the bravest Humans

to ever walk the Earth, the members of our United States military.

But we should also Honor not just our own military members, but all who serve, all over the world.

There are brave  people serving, defending and protecting their individual countries, who do and have sacrificed

everything, in the name of honor to their own country.

If on this day, or indeed any day, you meet or pass by a Veteran, won’t you please take just a second of your time,

to say to them,  ” Thank you for your service and Welcome Home.”

We, those you proudly serve for and do your best to defend, Honor you all on this day.

God Bless America and God Bless you every one.



15 thoughts on “God Bless You Every One

  1. It saddens me that vets do not get the support from our society that they deserve and need. Suicide rates among vets is high, so is homelessness, addiction, and mental disability. If our government would spend more money on mental health resources for these heroes, then our society as a whole would benefit. At the very the least we benefit from their service to our country. We need to give back to them, individually and collectively! Thanks for your post!

    • Dear Russell.
      I could not agree with you more, about everything that you have said.
      Being at Fort Bliss, Texas at the end of the Viet Nam War, was a time in my life I shall never forget.
      What I saw there, I was at 18, completely unprepared to cope with or understand.
      I have carried the stories of those young soldiers in my heart all of my life and will never forget any of the war wounded that I met there.
      This may have had some bearing on my choice to become a Rehab Nurse many years later in California.

  2. For some reason the vets didn’t have their little table of info and poppies out, when I went up to the store this morning–I totally miss them, as I like to give ’em a hug. On the way home, there was an old gent at the bus stop–I asked if he was a vet (it was fair bet he was). He seemed confused by me, said “well, that was a long time ago”–but undeterred, I thanked him, chatted with him for a couple minutes, lest he think I was intent on harming him….

      • I know they do–I’m very distressed at the painful, frightening, tragic statistics coming to light about the recent vets. Vietnam left my generation broken, seemingly beyond repair, but what I’m hearing about now sounds worse, perhaps.

  3. This was a lovely article. I remember a time I took part in an competition at school, and it was judged by 4 people including a veteran. He was such a lovely man. He came to me personally at the end, and spoke to me for a while. He didn’t even speak to any of the other students. And he shook my hand and kissed me on the cheek. I felt so honoured and he was so polite.

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