A BLM roundup in Nevada
Kindly permitted by:  American Wild Horse Preservation 


By now you may or may not be, tired of reading about this vile issue here, but it is here again,  nonetheless.

Once again, the courts have ceased for the moment,  the despicable practice of horse slaughter in this country.

So, is this a reprieve, hardly!

Those at the forefront of this  ” murder  for money “  business have fought too long and hard to give up.

Despite the total outrage and hostility from every corner of this country and many  others,  two facilities are on the

brink of opening up their shops for  business and that business is the killing of horses.

Regardless of which side of the fence you may  sit on in this issue, the problem is that we should not be eating wild

horses,  or any horses,  for that matter.

It’s not like our country is in immediate danger of running out of meat for sale, the stores are packed to the ceilings

everywhere,  with every kind of meat you can imagine.

If you think this is an overstatement,  take a look the next time you are in a grocery store, at which department is

given the most floor space.

Now, back to the issue.

I read  about this latest update yesterday,  but had just finished the post for Veteran’s Day, so let it go.

Ask me if I slept last night,  knowing that this was what I was going to write about today.

Not much!

This ugly issue has been festering in my brain, since the words were first written here months ago.

I simply cannot understand why this is being allowed, nay being pushed down the American throats.

So, why the pressure, the big push,  to kill every wild horse?

I have had a theory for months now, who would benefit most from these horses being gone?

Think cows!

If wild,  free horses are eating grasses in states  all over the country, it could be a threat to huge cattle ranches, right?

What does this say about us as a Nation?

I for one, am ashamed to live in a country,  where this is not only allowed,  but is being encouraged,  with the full

support of by the  BLM,  FDA  and the US Government.

The American public is being deceived by so many,  it is hard to keep track:

USDA/Forest Service Shuts Down Public Observation at Controversial Wild Horse Roundup

Has everyone  conveniently  forgotten about this?   Wild and Free Roaming Horses Act

What animal will be next,  I fear to ask?

If this cruelty cannot be stopped, I for one, will take it very personally and feel like a complete failure.

This Blog exists for one singular purpose, to expose and hopefully cease the pain being inflicted on innocent animals.

If I have completely  failed in an issue which is so close to me,  why would I wish to continue?

It would seem that I have done little or nothing here to make a difference.

Is there any hope?

Can we  Stop Horse Slaughter?


You may read this most recent story, with all of its mixed messages here:

Federal Appeals Court Temporarily Halts  Horse Slaughter



40 thoughts on “Failure!

  1. You ARE doing something. Please don’t stop your blog! Reblogged and took action in all possible places although I have done this in my own online activism. Maybe you will inspire others. I am SICK about this slaughter, just sick about it!! And many of our horses are war veterans, too. What can I say??? Man kills his friends. We don’t deserve the love animals offer us.

    • Thank you.
      Some days are so hard, I want to crawl under my bed.
      I would much prefer to write and think happy thoughts,
      but then I would be living/existing in denial.
      Unspeakable harm is being done to animals all over world, every day.
      It is horribly wrong and it must stop before we lose them all.

  2. I thank you for the continually bring to our attention the plight of various animals. Please do keep up this work. I am sorry this hurts for people to read about — the animals more so hurt. We are not living in times when animals were none of our business. In these times, we must realize that we share this planet and that the other inhabitants on our world are mightily important.
    ~ Eric

    • You all encourage me to continue, even when it is gut wrenching news that I bear.
      Please help them by telling everyone that you know what is being done to animals,
      so that one day, there will be nothing but happy words to write here.

  3. As a Nevadan who loves wild horses this is a terrible change to ponder as policy. I had high hopes for REI board member, Sally Jewel, becoming the Secretary of the Interior. I thought she would bring fresh eyes to the issue and new solutions. So far it seems she is not on the side of the horses.
    It is a very complicated issue by the way. Nevada before the white man was a diverse eco system of grasses and sage. After overgrazing of sheep, cattle and horses, at the turn of the century, sagebrush dominated and still dominates the range. It has never recovered. Native animals like deer and antelope compete with cattle, and yes wild horses, for food. I would selfishly like to see more antelope, deer and horses and less cattle out there. A landscape that receives less than 10 inches of rain is not the most efficient place to raise beef.
    As a non-native species on a fragile interface like the Great Basin both cows and horses can damage a fragile environment.
    I don’t want horses slaughtered but neither do I like seeing them starve to death in a bad year and when too many compete for too little food and I have seen it. This happens even where cattle are not competing. I don’t know what the solution is and many who love the horses don’t either. I think we should start with some sort of humane birth control and yes limiting the number of both cows and horses on the land to help sustain the native species as well.
    I am so glad their are passionate lovers of the horses like you all over the country and the world. I hope with people like you and your caring and concern that slaughtering the horses for human or dog food is never seen as the answer but an answer must be found.

    Fight on!

    • Thank you for your succinct insider information.
      If not for you and the others who are on the front lines, so to speak, little truth would be known.
      God Bless you for your dedication, concern and compassion for all of them.
      Feel free to return here and update us all on anything new on this painful subject.

  4. it hurts my heart that some of mankind, the heartless men, do such vile, painful and pointless things just because they can. It profits no one and nothing. I will never cease fighting for the victims of such cruel acts. And it will haunt us and the end results are being revealed little at a time.
    Keep up the good work my dear dear Ellen. in shedding light where darkness dwells.

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    • Thank you so much Adam. It is quite unique isn’t it?
      Florida has a wealth of these treasures on their web site.
      Have been trying to find a personal one taken years ago in the Everglades, where I was trying to “pet” a tiny Gator along the road that we encountered.
      Coming from LA to the wilds of Florida, I had no idea this was not a smart thing to do, good thing it was tiny!!
      If/when the long, lost one ever turns up, it will replace this one.

      • I love it! 🙂 You have had an awesome and exciting life,to be sure. I would love to actually see a real alligator. The closest I’ve come is to the real life exhibit,which is my Grandmother 🙂 but that’s another tale (excuse the pun)

      • My grandmother has false teeth,So we always call her, ‘our old croc’ It always annoyed her to be likened to Ken Dodd,the British Comedian. 🙂 Naughty i know!

  7. Personally, I don’t care how many times you write about these events. The whole world should be aware of the atrocities humans commit against animals – it’s disgraceful – it can not be said enough!

    • Thank you for that most interesting link.
      My response to it is this.
      While I am a passionate defender of all innocents who come into harm’s way at the hands of Humans,
      I do not, in any definition of the word, consider myself to be a terrorist.
      I do not break any laws in support of my beliefs and never will.
      It is not that I so much fear going to jail in support of my beliefs, but It would be quite difficult to write
      and expose all of these ugly issues from a jail cell.
      Where would I plug in my laptop?
      And yes, I will continue waging this battle, until I stop breathing, against the evil that is being done to animals.
      I fear nothing, or no one, except for my Airedale Terrier Breanna.
      She owns me~

      • The ‘terrorists’ in question burned down some saw horses set up in the mountains to corral the horses to ship to slaughter.
        Not terrorism in my book … just petty vandalism.
        They use draconian sentencing to try and force perjury to send others to prison.
        Crazy police state nowadays.

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