Crime Pays!


A  Nurse Shark in  Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary
Picture credit:  NOAA  Dr. Mathew Gilligan


Sometimes the bad guys do get caught, but really,  what good does it do?

Is fining them really going to stop their illicit behavior or shut them down?

This man in California has been dealing with Floridians, to sell poached Sharks on, wait for it, my very  favorite

online place to look for stolen things,  Craigslist!

Remember back in September, after we were robbed at the Drury Hotel, several of the Indianapolis authorities

that we talked to,  suggested that we go to look for our stolen things there?

How do the people who run this website manage to stay out of jail?

The numbers of criminals who use it now is insane.

You can find everything and anything there, that you really never would want to know about.

And has eBay now also become a just as popular place for dumping the loot of thieves?

Yes, this wildlife criminal was caught and yes it will cost him, but, really home confinement?

Unless they took away his computer, this guy can continue to operate and get rich from his dirty little wildlife

poaching business from his laptop!

How on Earth can we ever hope to put a serious dent in wildlife crime, with these kinds of meaningless penalties?

This man,  like the one who robbed us in Indiana,  will,  no thanks to our inept justice system,  continue to steal.

The ridiculous story is below, be prepared to lose it, I did!

Oh well, thankfully tomorrow is  ” Good News “  Sunday.

I will now go and find something to make all of us smile again.


Man Sentenced For Peddling Florida Sharks Online



14 thoughts on “Crime Pays!

  1. As long as we in the U.S. continue to elect people who promise anything and deliver nothing, except initiatives in support of their reelection, change will take place on few fronts. And while I, too, am sympathetic to wildlife protection, there are much bigger fish to fry – specific to our human race. Thunderdome is not that far off. I’m nt giving up, GW, just acknowledging reality, as sad as it is.

  2. I agree a far too lenient sentence, some jail time would be more appropriate. Here in the UK crimes against wildlife receive very lenient punishments as do crimes against animals in general. Also here if it suits them the government are as likely to commit crimes against wild animals such as the Badger slaughter. The fact that some people will do just about anything for money never ceases to shock me. I am not familiar with Craigslist but I know eBay turn a blind eye to all sorts of obviously illegal transactions with which they seem to get away with. I sometimes despair that there will ever be an end to the exploitation of the other species with whom we share this world.

    • So, we are not the only ones who are contributing to these criminals staying in their evil businesses!
      As for Craigslist, they have a pretty bad track record for who uses them and for what!
      Once again, thank you for sharing your thoughts here!
      They are always appreciated.

    • Hello Russel:
      First, welcome here~
      I hope that you do return and find the information here of value.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and Zoey and ??
      It was so nice to have you come and camp here~
      I love all of your pictures, as I said, they make me homesick for California.

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