Safe Sanctuary


Majestic African Elephants


Thankfully, today is  “Good News Sunday”  and this story,   is one that should bring great pride and pleasure to

all Floridians who love animals.

One of the most majestic, emotion evoking animals to ever inhabit this Earth, has had to do its best to survive,  in

spite of the onslaught of evil directed toward it,  so with all of the tragedies be falling African Elephants, wouldn’t

you cheer to hear a truly inspirational  story about them?

Here in Florida we are so fortunate to be the proud possessor of a new, long overdue home,  for Elephants to go to

live and be free from harm, in a safe, natural, familiar environment.

The only sad part, is that this amazing new  facility will not be open to the public.

It will however, allow those who study and care for Elephants  elsewhere to,  come and observe and learn, but there

will be no public interaction with them.

Considering what treatment they have received from Humans, can we really object to this?

The new National Elephant Center or as one story refers to it, “Pachyderm Playground,”  is in

Fellsmere, Florida and sits on 225 acres of mostly orange groves,  which have already been giving immense pleasure

to some of its newest residents.

The Sanctuary will be a unique retirement and/or breeding  home for African and perhaps Asian Elephants as well,

and none of them will ever be bought or sold.

New Guests will be arriving from time to time and be accepted into the hopefully, expanding family.

The facility is now and will most likely forever,  be completely dependent on donations, you can learn more about

how to help and what they do here:   Elephant Sanctuary

An additional story is here:   Sanctuary Offer New Homes To Elephants

This story is also about the Sanctuary,  but please be fore-warned there are included in it,  some very sad statistics:
The National Elephant Center



17 thoughts on “Safe Sanctuary

  1. We have an elephant sanctuary here in Tennessee, as well, and it is also a no-visit sanctuary. I would love to see them. What is the reasoning for the no-visit rule? Is it to protect the elephants from human contact?

  2. Wonderful and happy post.! Thank you…I have always had a great love for elephants and was fortunate to see them up close and personal when my husband and I went to South Africa. It was an unforgettable experience to see them in the wild.
    I also would like to mention the David Sheldrick Wildlife trust, where anyone can “adopt” an elephant. They do wonderful work as well.

  3. Thank you for sharing this good news. It makes a change to hear something positive. it is wonderful that at least some elephants have a sanctuary from the onslaught of poaching, a serious threat to their survival, and exploitation. it is so refreshing to learn of people who care for animals rather than exploit them. How anyone can harm these animals, any animal is beyond my comprehension, but at least these elephants will be safe.

    • The Human heart can only endure just so much pain and
      “Good News” Sunday is meant to protect all of our hearts!
      No being, animal or Human, should ever have to endure the terror, the torture,
      that Elephants and many others do at the hands of those without souls!
      Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts, they are always, so welcome here~

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