Take Two

loggerheadnoaa2                       silversprings

A Loggerhead Sea Turtle  Credit: NOAA                                            Silver Springs Florida in 1886


Thank God it is ” Good News”  Sunday.

What a ghastly, awful week of news this has been for animals.

But, there have also been two good happenings  in our local animal news, so, with that bright thought in mind, today’s posting  is perhaps, aptly named  Take Two.



Take One

A Loggerhead Sea Turtle was released into the waters off shore of Ponce Inlet yesterday after months of recovery and rehabilitation at the Marine Science Center.

His name was Benjamin and he was lucky rescue number 100!

This is one hundred creatures who might not be alive today, were it not for the talents, dedication and kindness of the  outstanding group of people at this place.

This is just another example of the work that these amazing caretakers do everyday at the Marine Science Center in Ponce Inlet, Florida.

If  you love Sea Life, this is one place you simply must come to visit and learn all about the near miracles that have been and are being performed on,  the lucky creatures that they rescue.

You may learn more about these local Heroes here:

Marine Science Center To Release Benjamin

Benjamin The Loggerhead Sea Turtle Is Set Free



Take Two

You may remember a story first written about here in April of this year, about the  beautiful Silver Springs  area near Ocala.

It was recently turned over to the state of Florida,  after being managed for many years, for an unknown reason,  by a company in California.

Now that it has become a National Landmark and Florida has taken over the care of it, it is reported that it will soon  be listed as ” threatened.”

This is great news for a truly “unique to Florida,”   Ecosystem,  that has been allowed to degrade and become completely run down due to lack of care and attention.

The water at Silver Springs has,  like  so many of the beautiful natural springs areas around the state,  over the years become so polluted, with toxins creeping in and making the waters nasty for anything that inhabits it.

Once the National Park Service officially  declares it  ” threatened, “ there will  begin a major clean up,  with an immediate call,  I am sure,  for volunteers to come forward to help.

Feds Will Label Marion County’s Silver Springs As Threatened

If you live near enough,  you may consider lending a hand to help bring back to life,  one of the most pristine, serenely elegant  places in all of Florida.

The new background of this Blog is of a  Silver Springs swamp area.

For many years this stunning piece of Florida Natural History  was a number one attraction with their famous glass bottom boats.

Now, thanks to some recent positive changes, Silver Springs  will be getting a helping hand to bring it back to its original beauty and shine once again.

You may read more about this story here:

Silver Springs Makes Wrong List




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