Happy Thanksgivukkah

bubble (2)

The bubble light ” menorah ” was an early Christmas gift from my Mom, she knows how much I love them.
When she gave me this a month ago, no one was talking about Thanksgivukkah!  
Yes I know it has 2 too many lights to be a true Menorah~


On this rarest of rare  days,  two very traditional holidays are being combined to create something that will not happen again for 70,000 years, Thanksgiving and the beginning  of  Hanukkah  have  fallen on the same day.

As I write this warm greeting to you from Florida, the  “Sunshine State,”    it is at this very moment, 31 degrees.

But,  coming from  the cold Midwest, this cold,  for Florida, weather makes today feel like so many  childhood memories.

I would like to wish all of you the safest and happiest Holiday today, which ever one you and your family celebrate~

My Mom and Dad will be coming for dinner, so I will be cooking all day, and loving it.

Joining WordPress in March has proven to be one of the most personally rewarding things that I have ever done,

because, it  has permitted me to express my lifelong deep concerns for the animals that I wish to protect from harm.

The sweetest surprise in this amazing adventure or joyous journey, is that there are so many others, like each of you,  who feel just as passionate about this same issue and your overwhelming support has meant the world to me.

So, on this special day when we hold those we love close,   please accept my warm best wishes to you and yours,  where ever in the world you are~

Happy Thanksgivukkah to you all~



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