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A Chimpanzee in Tanzania
Picture credit: Jussi Mononen


A story caught my eye this morning, that has the potential to usher  in a new era for animal rights and protection, so it was one that you needed to know about, of course.

In New York, a lawsuit has been filed for a chimpanzee,  to give it the same rights as humans.

There are so many sub-plots to this story, that it may be difficult to stay on the right track.

This is not a case about the good guys against the bad guys,  in my humble opinion.

Perception, ah there’s  that magical word once again, how each of us sees this issue, this one  is all about perception.

How will this all end, who can say.

What is extremely important, is that the lawsuit and the case,  has those on both sides discussing something that 10 years ago could probably never have happened, thinking that an animal should have the same rights as humans.

Sanctuaries, like the one that we have here in Florida for Elephants,  are again being offered as an alternative to captivity for once wild animals.

This is one option, but there are others, of course.

In this murderous, bloody year for so many animals, this lawsuit just might help swing that sluggish pendulum toward the innocents who are dying,  while waiting for anyone to see that their lives are Hell.

Right now, in so many places,  animals have zero rights, they are murdered for their  body parts,  or simply because they have no value,  other than what price their corpses may bring.

Globally, Animal Activists are picketing, marching and going to jail, just to bring a little light to an epidemic of cruelty towards beings who,  when offered the chance,  seem genuinely affectionate to the very ones who have harmed or killed them.

As a perfect example, recently here in Florida, a Manatee got up close and personal with a snorkeler:

 Man Cuddles With Snorkeler’s Flipper

Yet, Humans remain the primary root cause of Manatee injuries and deaths every year.

As you may have read on one of my Blog’s,  many years ago my children and I were very lucky to share a somewhat similar

experience,  before it was outlawed for the safety of the Manatees.

It was an experience that to this day,  can never be forgotten or eclipsed.

Knowing the kindness, the gentleness of these and so many other animals, it therefore seems incomprehensible that we continue to drag our heels to offer animals protection, safety or  sanctuary from the evil that Humans repeatedly inflict upon them.

Do I think that this case will go in favor of the Chimpanzees,  not very likely.

But, what will hopefully happen now,  will be a rush from many sides to file similar suits and help to  encourage the non believers to at least consider the idea, that animals are not only valuable and worth protecting, they are truly unique and we are lucky to share this planet with them.


“We, the Human Race, are arrogant in thinking that because we do not understand the language of animals, that what they are saying is not of consequence.
Indeed, the animals are speaking to us and for their sake and ours, we must start listening.”  

Taken from my:   Gator Woman Blog


The Chimpanzee Lawsuit Case  story is here:   Lawsuit Seeks Personhood For Apes



7 thoughts on “Eye See

  1. Thank you for an interesting article. If this case is won it would be a great step forward in granting rights to all animals and an end to Speciesism. Frankly I think animals should have the same rights as human beings , the right to life and to live their lives free from exploitation, cruelty and abuse by humans. You might be interested in the article: Spanish Parliament approves Human rights for apes http://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/jun/26/humanrights.animalwelfare

    Since having internet access I have become more aware of the shocking extent of human exploitation and appalling cruelty to animals far beyond anything I previously imagined. It has to stop and this would be a good beginning.

  2. This is a great post! Anything and everything we do to help bring attention to this massive problem will help!

    Thank you for subscribing to my site and allowing me to enter your world! Eddie

  3. This is good news I think. I think things are slowwwly shifting for us humans to a sense of compassion for animals… at least I feel they are… but of course the shift is much too slow for the animals who are suffering this minute…

  4. I’ve read about the concept before. In fact, I’d blogged about it at my previous blog. I’ve followed stories about communication with animals and personhood isn’t all that strange to me anymore really. I’m not planning to go vegan, but I do have a strong sense of that animals are here for more than food and labor. Thanks for your efforts to change human views about animals.
    ~ Eric

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