Willow, a one day old baby Giraffe with its mother.
Picture credit: Ralph Daily


I had no intention of writing today, but coming upon this story and the petition that accompanied it, changed that in a heartbeat.

For as long as I can remember, the Giraffe has been the object of my affection and admiration.

There is something so regal, so fragile, so graceful, so endearing about them, how could you not love them.

In my lifetime, I have, with little shame,  amassed a collection of  Giraffes in every form,  all manner of clothing, toys for my children and my dogs of course, stationary, Christmas cards, birthday cakes, Giraffes made of  paper,  wood, copper, bisque, brass, you name it,  if it is a Giraffe anything,  I have it.

In my defense, many of the above were gifts, as my love of this animal was well-known.

But apparently, not everyone loves or cherishes this gentle giant.

What was learned about sadly today, is that there are apparently many places all over Africa right now,  that quite cheerfully advertise  ” Giraffe Trophy Hunting “ for a very hefty price, of course.

My reaction today was/is so over the top because I had no idea that people hunted them.

I can barely speak the words, Trophy Hunting Giraffes.

Please find below, the petition and story for you to reply to,  respond to, and react to, in the manner you see fit~

If you read some of the websites advertising their participation in  this atrocity,  they frequently use words like ethical and impeccable in their  ” Hunting Adventure ”  descriptions.


What on this Earth is ethical about killing a Giraffe with a bow and arrow?


Here are two of the many Hunting sites:

Hunting Giraffe In South Africa

South Africa Giraffe Hunts 


Outrage is really not quite a strong enough word for the depth of my anger at these atrocious acts,  these abominable  behaviors.

There simply are no words.

Please do sign the petition if you are of like thinking.


Thank you as always, for your continuing love of animals~

This is the story:    The Giraffe Hunters

This is the petition:   Stop Trophy Hunting Giraffe



55 thoughts on “Zirafa

  1. Every day of course there is a challenge for us in this world to maintain our peaceful loving selves — you always write in such a manner. Thank you for your work to honor and cherish animals and wild animals. It is a great honor to read your pages and I will join the petitioning.
    ~ Eric

    • Dear Eric.
      Without all of you, there would be no reason for my writing.
      Your support of what is done here is why I can carry on.
      My heart is broken on a nearly daily basis by what I know is being done all over the world to countless animals.
      Thank you and the Honor is all mine!

  2. Reblogged this on Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox and commented:
    This is just so shocking, is there no end to the atrocities inflicted on the other creatures with whom we share this world. I am horrified , as most decent people world-wide will be to learn about this the latest in the never ending abuse of animals.

    I hope that everyone who cares about animals will sign this petition and write to the African government officials concerned.

    Giraffes must be protected from people who sadly have no sense of right and wrong, have no moral code and do no care for animals who have as much right to live as we do. What is wrong with people like this who derive pleasure from shooting such a gentle and beautiful creature or indeed any creature. There has to be something seriously wrong with their mentality. I wonder what a psychological assessment would reveal. The thought that people get some sick pleasure from this appalls me in the extreme. To add further to the shock factor is the photograph included with the petition which shows a little girl among the hunters proudly displaying their heinous deed. Sad that such corruption of a child’s ethical values is allowed encouraged and condoned.

    Our world is a sad place of increasing abuse meted out to defenceless animals. With a fee of $3,800 to go and shoot giraffes, once again it is all about money for which it seems people are willing to allow the most horrendous of deeds.

  3. Thank you for the information about this shocking giraffe hunting. Like you, I had no idea that could even exist !…
    I wonder what kind of satisfaction lies in killing gentle and peaceful animals… Just unbelievable !

      • yes indeed, just disgusting, and those people posing on the pictures, they appear “normal” , and yet… This animal looks to me almost.. I dare say the word “sacred”. This is really beyond words.

  4. These atrocities make me so ashamed to be a South African. Right now South African animal rights activists are campaigning against canned hunting. Sadly, it just never ends.
    I could not sign the petition as it only allowed for Americans.

    • Dear Emy:
      I am sad that you could not sigh this petition.
      If those who live where this is happening cannot speak out about it, how on Earth can any of us on the other side of the world have any hope to stop or change this?
      This is simply an outrage.

  5. Somewhere (not here, I think) I read a post reporting an overheard conversation in which some Great White Hunter was talking about hunting giraffes . . . on a game farm in Texas.

    I also just read a review of “Across the Ravaged Land,” the third book in a trilogy by Nick Brandt (the first two being “Across This Earth / A Shadow Falls”). Here is a link to the review:


    Brandt is a superb photographer, dedicated to raising awareness about the ways in which humans are ravaging animal populations in Africa. It strike me that you would find his work important.

    We need more people like you and Mr. Brandt. We don’t need any more trophy hunters.

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  7. I really love the new background to your blog. Fantastic!! Giraffes. Yes, such regal creatures and ooh so aloof. My trophy was walking among them in the wild of the Masai Mara in 1980. An experience I shall never forget. It never ceases to amaze me what pleasure anyone can get out of killing anything and then having the temerity to describe the carcass as a trophy. Maybe one day the penny will drop and the trophy hunters will put their money and abilities to good use.

    • Thank you for the kind words.
      The background is of the swamps in Silver Springs, not far from us.
      Thought it was a nice compliment for the new Alligator, who loves it as well.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours~

  8. The little giraffe is so sweet; I would love to hug and cuddle with it. Anyone who would hurt a giraffe – or any other animal for that matter – should have fire ants move into their underwear. Really, it’s not like they need the skin or meat; they only want it dead. This makes me sick. 😦

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