Whales Rule!

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The critically Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale
Picture credits: NOAA


For entirely too many years,  the most Endangered Whale on our planet,   the North Atlantic Right Whale,  has had to endure endless red tape battles just to survive in their home waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

They have been harassed to “death” by ships of every size and shape,  from countless countries, not the least of which are our very  own US Navy.

Now, thankfully at last, the Whales have been given a  reprieve from death,  with this new permanent solution to their life-threatening problem.

As of this past week, there is in place, a permanent  rule or law,  not subject to the whims of the US or any other Government, a set speed limit in the Atlantic Water Ways, where they travel each year, from  the warm tropical  waters of the Caribbean, all the way up  the Atlantic Coast to the northern most reaches of Canada.

And because of this new rule, wherever that they travel from now on, they will be protected from the number one cause of their  deaths, in this century, ship strikes.

All ships over 65 feet must obey these new and permanent speed limits.

The critically Endangered Right Whale,  whose numbers range between 300-500 , was nearly wiped off the face of the Earth by whalers in the last century who gave it its unfortunate name because it was just the “right ” size to kill.

The Right Whales annually make the long trek south  to give birth in the warm Florida and Caribbean waters and for those who are really lucky , they can frequently be quite easily seen from the shore near the tiny Coastal town of Flagler Beach.

Making the trip there to see them as they pass by, between December and  March,  is highly recommended,  as is an overnight stay in this very friendly town, with a plethora of dining choices  and room accommodations.


The eagerly and long-awaited ruling and stories are here:

Compliance Guide For Right Whales

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Ship Speed Limits To Protect Endangered Atlantic  Right Whales Made Permanent




22 thoughts on “Whales Rule!

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  2. Glad to hear it! I hope we’ll see fewer beachings because of this and the postponement of airgun blasting. It would be wonderful to see the population grow again instead of always dwindling.

  3. Every now and then a reprieve… a bright spot. 🙂 Evidence of a semblance of caring in the Obama administration. Happy here, for the whales. Now if we can just provide similar protections for the Orca in the Pacific…

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