Bear Bloodshed


A beautiful Florida Black Bear
Picture credit:  FDOT


I have been quiet about this for two weeks, but cannot remain silent any longer.

My blood is boiling and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop this,  it would seem.

About two weeks ago, a local woman was out walking her dogs at night and was  ” viciously “  attacked by a Black Bear and there was of course, a  huge reaction by the local Press.

As many of you may already know, Black Bears in Florida have a nearly perfect record,  when it comes to hurting any humans.

In response to the ” vicious “  attack,  the FWS immediately set out traps and were obsessed with getting the guilty bear off of the streets.

A few days later,  one was caught  and  FWS was adamant about one fact, they were going to do DNA tests,  to be sure that this  was the ” guilty “  Bear.

And they promised that they would not kill it, until they knew for sure.

Then a few days later, another  bear was caught, now they had two Black Bears.

A few days later, long before any DNA tests were ever returned,  they were  ” euthanized. “

FWS said that they just had  no place  to keep these two  large Bears!

There were still no results from the DNA tests before this was done.

Then just a few days ago, a mother bear and two cubs was caught in the same area.

They were,  it was  announced, being held, but not killed.

Finally a day or two ago,  it was announced by FWS that the DNA results had come back and that the mother of these two cubs was the ”  vicious ”  bear that attacked the woman with her dogs that night.

They said because of the two cubs,  she will not be killed until they are old enough to be without her and in the meantime all three were sent to live at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

But the most important fact missing in these latest news stories was this, this was a mother Bear out with her two cubs that night  and she was probably startled by the woman with her dogs.

So, this mamma Bear did what any  other mother animal would do, she protected her babies.

This point has NOT been made by any news agency,  to my knowledge.

So, the two Bears that were killed,  were  innocent and the “guilty ”  one  was protecting her babies.

But, why on Earth do any of them have to be killed?

The public reaction after the first two were killed, was a complete landslide in favor of the now two dead bears.

People here are completely outraged about this whole nightmare.

But the sickest part of all,  is that where this woman was ” viciously “ attacked by this mother bear,  was very close to a heavily wooded area that is known for having many Bears.

My question is this,  why do we allow countless homes to be built right in the middle of Bear and other wilderness  areas  and then kill them when they react as any normal Human would?

If people want no contact with wildlife, then they should move into the city.

If you choose to live out in the woods as we do, then you should expect to see or encounter wild things.

They were here first and they should be given just a little respect.

We are living in their  bedrooms, in their dining rooms,  not the other way around and if we don’t like that fact, then we need to get out of their homes.

We are absolutely the intruders here!


A random news story about this issue was chosen to provide you with some general information:

DNA Test Confirms Wrong Bears Killed After Longwood Woman Attacked




59 thoughts on “Bear Bloodshed

  1. I agree with you completely. When a person is attacked by a wild animals, it is virtually always because the human was encroaching on the animal’s territory. The response should be to educate people–not to kill animals.

  2. In my neck of the woods people complain that bears are getting in their trash. When I explain that they should get a bear proof trash container and should not put the trash out before pickup they look at me as if I don’t know what I am talking about. Personally, I love to see the bears. I have seen them several times in the woods, I don’t disturb them and they stay clear of me. We are encroaching upon their area so we should respect them, give them enough space instead of chasing them to death.

  3. I can so relate to this post! I live in rural Pennsylvania. One of the lead stories a few weeks ago was about how some hunters “bagged” a 700 pound bear. They showed it on the news, strung up on some piece of construction equipment with its tongue lolling out of its mouth and blood oozing out of its wounds. DISGUSTING! Then a few weeks later, a teenaged girl was mauled by a mama bear when she got between her and her cubs and THAT was the lead story in the news. I feel no sympathy for this girl. There was no follow-up on what happened to the mama bear or her cubs. Pray God that they were able to escape from the depredations of these sick people. I can almost relate to the hunting of deer because people do eat deer meat, but do people eat bear meat? To me, that’s like eating dog meat. (Dogs and bears are closely related in the evolutionary chain.) I agree with you wholeheartedly that people who choose to live in the country should learn to give the wildlife the space that they deserve; otherwise, move to a city! Sorry for the long response. The news here is so offensive. One story showed a dozen deer heads in the cab of a truck, waiting to be stuffed as trophies. I don’t think we humans have evolved very much.

    • The cruelty some Humans inflict on innocent animals is beyond explanation.
      Were these people tortured as children?
      One can only guess.
      How we treat animals reflects on the kind of person that we are.
      Animals were not put on Earth for us to harm, they were given to us a gift.
      What we choose to do with this gift is up to us.

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  5. Its essential for the community to give outreach for the safety of the animals as well as for the humans. It generally isn’t a problem to live around black bears and they are usually slow to provoke. Of course a mother is protective of young. The community needs to take time to sort this out and come up with a plan to keep the area safe for all.

  6. Once again a majestic, intelligent creature is paying the price of human stupidity- yes, STUPIDITY. I’m sorry the woman died, but let’s leave emotions aside for a moment. The incident could’ve been easily avoided by her NOT going there in the first place! It’s like with the Romanian strays all over again. PEOPLE are the problem. Animals are just doing what they’ve always been doing, we’re invading and XXXXX XXXXXX up!

    Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you so much for your most passionate concern.
      Thankfully, the woman DID NOT die. She was bitten, but she is OK.
      That is why this is all so impossible to deal with here.
      As for the rest of your thoughts, agree with you completely!

      • They killed two bears because she was BITTEN? Granted, a bear’s bite is a lot more serious than a dog’s, but still! Ugh, I’ll stop here before I start off on another long rant. Glad the woman’s alive, though.

        Again, thanks for sharing!

  7. I totally understand your distress Gator Woman:( All this killing seems so unnecessary and totally unfair. Yet another example of how humans just think of themselves.

    • The Bears around here are hungry right now and will go where ever the food is.
      Thoughtless people cause a great deal of this by leaving food outside and not safe keeping, or Bear proofing their trash every week.
      So, the Bears are constantly being put in harm’s way because they just want to eat.

  8. I have no words. Absolutely none. The utter ignorance and cruelty of our species continues to amaze me. It’s stories such as these, though, that I hope shine light on the plight of what we’re actually doing.

    How can they not?

    • No, there are not!
      And as a fellow Floridian, you completely understand what is happening here.
      It is so lopsided against all the wild things that we love.
      They really don’t stand a chance.
      If we ever hope to turn this around or stop this, we are going to “need a bigger boat,” or a better mouthpiece.
      The paltry few of us Blogging our hearts out, simply cannot stop those who care nothing for them.
      We are outnumbered tenfold.
      But we must never stop!
      Love your gigantic heart my little tree hugger~

  9. Here in Cape Town we have a baboon problem that between the authorities, the people and the baboons we now have not a problem but a compromise by having educated the people.

  10. Sigh, I hate this kind of news. A few months ago there was a bear getting into trash in the town where my sister lives, Coulee Dam, WA. The bear was on the hill just across the street from her place. This was on the Coville Indian Reservation and tribal wildlife officers were suppose to not kill the bear. The plan was to capture and relocate, but alas, the poor bear got into the trash by the casino. They killed him. So frustrating.

    • Thank you.
      You are so very correct on every point!
      it is very difficult to live among all the beauty and wildlife here and have to watch the ignorants running amuck with all manner of weaponry~
      If only they would shoot each other!
      I am quite sure that Duck Dynasty was incubated here.

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