Rhino Rage


A soon to become extinct and most rare,  Black Rhino mother and baby.
Picture credit:  Yathin S Krishnappa

**I am completely guilty of being too angry and too quick to write, after re-reading this story, it was learned that they are having an auction for this disgusting murder, BUT it will be carried out in Africa, not in the US, however, this will matter little to the dead Rhino!**

**I have just finished editing this story and have now hopefully removed all  erroneous remarks to keep it accurate.**


Earlier this morning, while watching GMA,  this banner text ran across the bottom of screen:

Dallas Hunting Club to award license today in controversial auction to kill critically endangered Black Rhino.

Can I tell you how fast I hit the stop button and went to find this story?

My stomach was sick, my heart racing, Oh God, please tell me this is not true.

But, alas, it was/is  most wickedly so.

Of course it is to be expected, that there will be those in total opposition and those who wish to see this come to fruition.

The FBI is currently  investigating ” Death Threats.”

Lines are now being drawn in the hot,  dry Texas dust.

In the past many times,  these despicable  ” Ranch Hunts ”  have made the news, the victims always being tracked and murdered by probable bored with ” run of the mill  killing, ” hunters who pay quite dearly for the pleasure of killing on private ranches in Texas.

I am personally well familiar with certain kinds of  ” Texas mentality ”  after having had the misfortune of living there for 3 long and sad years.

It was a most unpleasant experience I wish to never repeat,  that culminated with my Banks refusal to allow me to cash a check when my then husband was stationed in Korea.

I was told by a woman teller at my Bank, that  a woman could not cash a check, this was in the early sixties and I never forgot it.

Anyway back to the current Texas madness…

These private ranches somehow acquire countless wildlife and subject them to Sport/Trophy murder for the insane pleasure of idiots who feel the need to hunt down and kill a wild animal.

I suppose the idea that it is quite rare makes them even more deliriously happy.

They claim that this death will matter little because the Rhino is an old male, who can no longer reproduce.

Wow, just imagine if this line of thinking were to run rampant in the world!

If I am sounding even more hostile or irrational today than usual,  it may be due to my current elevated blood pressure just from thinking about this insidious situation.

Yes, these Hunting Ranches are on private property, that much may be true, but are there no International Laws that are being broken here, where individuals in one country can hold a raffle of a sort,  or auction,  to kill an extremely Endangered animal in another?

America, what have we become?

As if the vicious and brutal assaults, continuing even still today on these beautiful animals,  as well as elephants,  for their body parts,  were not already enough of a horror, now Americans  in this Country are going to permit, carry out  an auction give away for the privilege of to murdering a Rhino in Namibia!

The words  of Gandhi keep running through my head,  ” A Nation shall be judged by the way it treats its animals.”

Does that thought also apply to running and supporting something as evil as this to be carried out in another country?

Shame on us, shame on Namibia.

Ultimately though, the key irritant in this entire mess for me,  is their repeated use of the word Safari.

Murdering innocent animals is not a Safari, it is a slaughter.

These kinds of guilty pleasures that must continuously be fed and appeased, remind me of certain Biblical times,  right before it was all taken down.

I simply cannot wrap my mind around the ability of some to find joy, happiness or any other positive feeling from killing an animal that may quite soon become extinct.

This  abominable behavior is all surreal, it is insanity.

May God help the innocent animals, may God forgive the guilty who murder them~


On the remote possibility that you may wish to learn more,  here are the brutal facts of this story:

FBI Looks Into Threats Ahead of Rhino Hunt Auction

2 Sides Lock Horns as Dallas Hunt Club nears Action of Permit to kill Black Rhino

Dallas Hunt Club Receives Death Threats

Dallas Safari Club Calls in FBI after Death Threats over Rhino-Hunt Auction



25 thoughts on “Rhino Rage

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  2. Someone in the office this morning boldly stated, “I’m proud to be an American.”

    “Funny,” I replied. “I’m ashamed.”

    I survived 19 years in Houston, Texas. Let me just interject a thought here: What would one expect from a State, Texas, that had both an open container law and a blue law? You can buy booze, and drink it while driving, but if the baby needed diapers on Sunday, that was out. Unless they sold diapers at the liquor store.

    Now, back in Southern Indiana, and working in Kentucky, I can say the attitude is fairly the same in the mid-west. I suspect, it’s likewise in every State of the Union, and throughout the world. People are driven by a mentality of greed and entitlement. Why hell, capitalist depend on it and work diligently to ensures its survival. And, they’re damn good at it.

    Thanks for posting this.

    • Dear Peter:
      Thank you so much for your insightful remarks and continuing support.
      Some days I fear offending all of you with my hostile zeal~
      While not ashamed to be an American, I am deeply concerned with the downward trend we seem to be mired in at the moment in our treatment of animals.
      I refuse to allow a few dark souls to take away my Country and make it a home for their dark ugly deeds.
      I will never stop exposing them for what they truly are, BULLIES!

      • I should clarify, since I often write or say things that are not necessarily what I mean.

        I’m glad to be an American.

        I’m ashamed of the current state of America. I cannot but believe that our founding fathers aren’t shitting themselves over our current state of affairs. And our current state of affairs is where my shame lies.

        BTW, you’ll never, that is never, offend me with appropriately directed hostile zeal. I harbor a great deal of that myself. Any demonstration of outrage against injustice is appropriate. And if anyone can’t swallow that, then adios to them.

      • Thank you so much Peter.
        I knew what you meant.
        Agree with everything that you say!!!
        You are just as passionate about the treatment of animals and the cruelty of humans towards them as I am~
        Your Blog speaks volumes!

    • Yes, it is!
      So we all need to respond in a manner befitting it.
      How many will act upon this?
      Will anyone call, write or scream?
      I have posted it on my Blogs and my FB Wall.
      What on Earth are we becoming here?
      This an abomination.
      Do we care?
      If not, why not?

  3. Reblogged this on Sunny Side Up and commented:
    Sharing the rage, our blood is boiling. Thank you for posting Gator Woman and the links to learn more about this outrage. At a time when Vietnam’s huge demand for rhino horn’s alleged healing power is at a record high, it is unbelievable that this ‘ranch’ murder is happening right under the noses of Americans in a supposedly civilized nation. 946 rhinos were killed in South Africa last year up to December 19th, more than three a day. Horns can be sold for as much as $150,000 in Vietnam, more than the price of gold. As abhorrent as poaching in Africa is, this trophy hunting of endangered animals right here in North America is a sad glimpse into the depths humans can descend.

    • Thank you so much for helping to pass it on.
      Without you and others of like mind, this Blog will fail!
      Please read my update at the top of this page.
      I sincerely apologize for not catching this before posting this today.

  4. i am so ashamed, and they should be as well. now that i live out of the usa, i am able to see the larger picture so much easier. they are so immersed and caught up in that life, probably since birth, that they truly don’t see what’s wrong. i’m certainly not defending them, but i now understand how a culture can harden and desensitize tjhe youth, who grow up mentoring their youth. they have to jump off that merry-go-round to see the picture- to see without those amber hunting glasses.

    thanks for all that you do for your sensitivity to nature. it hurts me whenever one tree is felled, and i am witnessing mistakes made in third world countries that our forefathers made a century ago. the merry-go-round here is a different one; there’s no chest-beating slaughter of mammals in the name of sport hunting, but there is pride in felling a tree for its timber, or to clear for pasture and leaving the carcasses of those trees to slowly decompose.

    as i often say, mother nature is going to have enough and try to buck us all off of her back. hopefully she’ll be kind to those who try to defend her honor!


    • Thank you so much for your compassion.
      We are in complete agreement.
      Your emotional words strike deep to the heart of this Issue.
      We are all in this together and we had better start getting it right, as you point out, we are quickly running out of time and resources.

  5. This makes me very very sad. A while back I saw some awful videos of dying Rhinos loudly crying after their horn and nose were sawed off. These images will haunt me for many years and most likely for the rest of my life. It is hard for me to believe that people can be so inhumane.

  6. It seems impossible that such things go on in this so called “civilized” world [ off topic- thank you for stopping back at my site and reading so much – It is greatly appreciated.]

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