Evan’s Endeavor~


Evan’s proposed Merit Badge for the BSA to protect Endangered Animals
Picture credit: Evan Nelsen


In my mail this morning came a delightful surprise, a petition created by a very young man with a passion for animals.

He is Evan Nelsen from Minnesota and he is petitioning the  Boy Scouts of America,  to create a new Merit Badge for the protection of Endangered, Threatened , on the verge of Extinction Animals.

Out of the mouths of babes!

As many of you who read this Blog on a regular basis may already know, my young son was also a Cub Scout and I joined a wonderful woman for several years,  being a Den Mother to a small Troop of physically challenged young men in California.

Seeing  this young Scout’s Petition Request for the BSA today, brought back many joyful memories and knowing that Scouting is still going strong and in the hands of young ones like this,  gives me  hope that as long as people like him still  exist, the animals will  have a chance.

Evan,  I see a very  bright future for you,  not only in the Boy Scouts, but as a future leader,  not only in America, but hopefully the  World.

I seem to remember that the original intention of Scouting was to help influence,  guide and encourage young boys and men, to become the next leaders of our Country.

We need so many more like you Evan,  to be a beacon of light and lead the way towards a brighter and better future for all animals.

Thank you so much for your concern, your passion, your love of animals and thank you also to your parents, who surely did an excellent job in raising you, to become the kind of person that you are.


Here is the link to Evan’s Merit Badge Petition, please do read it, share it  and sign it, if you agree with his thinking:

Boy Scout Merit Badge Petition



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