Captivating Clydesdales


Clydesdales at a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston
Picture credit:  Paul Keleher


This weekend is, just  in case you have been living under a rock,  Super Bowl Sunday.

So what always accompanies this annual excuse to be a couch potato and junk food junkie?

The Super Bowl Ads, of course, which I prefer most years over the actual game.

Americans are fanatical football fans to say the very least and this is the football  game of the year.

Sponsors wait all year-long for the chance to sell you their products and will pay astronomical prices to prove that theirs is the best.

So, with that in mind, let the Games and the Ads begin and bring on those Captivating Clydesdales.


My feelings about the game shall remain a well guarded secret, not wishing to offend the other side~

Please find listed below just a few of some current and past animal Super Bowl Ads.


These are the ones  that made me laugh, cry or other…..

Hope that you enjoy them and the game and that  your team wins.



Puppy Love

Clydesdale Foal

Lamb Streaker

A Clydesdale Tribute

Hungry Bear Chobani

Clydesdale Team

Dog Strikes Back

A Hero’s Welcome


RSPCA Australia




14 thoughts on “Captivating Clydesdales

  1. Wait until you see the new Super Bowl Clydesdale ad (if you haven’t already). It’s beautiful. Oh, and having lived in Seattle twice in my lifetime, my football allegiances are known to all. 🙂

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