A Diverse Direction~


My great great grand parents:
Mary Elizabeth Brummage and John Nugent


For nearly one year, as of March 10th, I have written about and anguished over the Global abuse and indefensible treatment of innocent animals.

It has been, to say the least, an often  difficult path to follow for me and I am sure frequently, for many of you as well.

With that said, here is my explanation for writing to all of you today.

In order to save my overly fragile heart from continuously being in a state of grieving, I have just began a new Blog about Global Culture.

As some of you may already know, my education was in Anthropology and my passion for the people and places on this planet, are second only to my love of animals.

I would be most  grateful if,  when you have a moment, you might please come preview this new adventure, which is now nearing completion.

There will be frequent Blog postings about Global Culture Issues on a variety of people and places, that are noteworthy and newsworthy.

As always, your comments are the lifeblood of my feeble written efforts, so please do comment as you see fit.

This Blog will continue, but I simply must dilute the unspeakable horror of these seemingly endless stories, with something that is easier on me.

It has become obvious that some of you are also aware of my suffering, because you have over the past year, made remarks indicating this.

I am continually grateful for your support and relieved to have another way to speak to you,  other than only about the evil behavior of humans towards  animals everywhere.

Bless you all for accompanying me for this past year,  in my defense of animals, my hope is that you may also find this new venture to be of some merit.

tahtonka, a Journey Through Global Culture




17 thoughts on “A Diverse Direction~

  1. It is not easy to write about the cruelty of humankind and you were very brave to take up such a difficult task. I hope you can leave this website up and running for others to continue to learn from it. Maybe you can post something once in a while as you seem fit. Either way you have done a great job and I thank you for fighting for those who are helpless, Anarette.

  2. Your genuine passion for animals and nature has truly infused every post of yours – I can only imagine how heart wrenching it has been for you. Strangely every time I hear a sad story in the news – like yesterday with the dolphins off the coast of Peru – I think of you …

    • Thank you so much Tanya, hope you will like the new Blog and come see it soon~
      The changes here in design took such a long time because I wanted just the right look and feel.
      Thanks to the Archives of the Florida State Library, it is found!
      I love it too~

  3. I have only just began to follow your journey, though my sentiments reflect those of many others here – you also need to take care of your own well being. After all, if we are not feeling good within ourselves we can be of no use or assistance to anyone else!!

    Look forward to following your journey, wherever it may take you!


  4. I love this blog. I’m always finding myself in disagreement with those around me when discussing the treatment of animals. While I must confess I am NOT a saint and have eaten meat from time to time, in my heart I know I really should not /-: often ppl around me say, “God put animals on the earth for people to feed off of” and quote some crazy bible verse, and I say, “well if there is a God and he created everything for a purpose why would he make something living and breathing with blood flowing through its veins that can feel pain just so that it can be killed and eaten or whatever else is done with it?!”

    • I agree with you completely and am honored by your kind words. My feeling about animals is that we were put on the Earth with them to be their caretakers, to protect them from harm. I always think of Gandhi and the dignitaries he left waiting while he tended to his goats. I despise eating meat, have since childhood, but do eat it sometimes, fish and chicken, mostly. I have always said, that if I had to kill an animal to eat, it would die of old age.

      • Same here. I would never kill an animal myself, but at the same time I know that by continuing to eat meat I am an enabler. It’s such a very hard habit to break however once you’ve been raised on it!

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