Despicable Deeds


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As an impressive list of Global Heads of State assemble in  London to discuss the horror inflicted on wildlife worldwide, our own country has just announced its own set of new rules to play by in dealing with this, or our National Strategy for Combating Wildlife Trafficking.

What is remarkable is that it is being staged in London where just days ago, the trio of England’s youngest Royals had just returned from a delightful  hunting  adventure.

Are the rest of us expected to say , “Oh, it’s  ok,  they are just carrying on an Ancient Royal Ritual?”

I think not.

These three quite privileged young people knew that what they were doing would offend many in the world and would most likely become front page news right before this important gathering in London.

They most certainly had to be  aware  of the controversy that they would be unleashing.

Doesn’t this all smack of elitist snobbery?

My affection for these three was irretrievably diminished by the sight of them holding up their kills in their hands, I was both disgusted and sickened.

Being wealthy or a Royal from any Country,  should not excuse Sport or Trophy hunting, period.

So, while for the moment, I am pleased  to learn of this announcement by our Government, what about the rest of the world?

Something that I found odd about getting today’s  email from WWF, was that a week or so ago, I had received another email from a DC political group asking me to choose what I considered the most important issue that the President might speak about during his Annual State of the Union  Address.

You know what my response was of course,  ” Global Animal Abuse.”

It may ” take a village to raise a child, ”  but it will take Global Unification to stop the slaughtering of wildlife in every corner of this planet.

It must start young, we need to as parents,  teach our children that animals are not here for our pleasure, or,  God forbid for us to mangle,  murder, or maim, but to be cared for and respected as another species like ourselves.

While this announcement from Washington is welcome, it is by no means the entire solution to the problem.

It is merely a good place to begin.

Wildlife Trafficking is only one small aspect of  Global Animal Abuse, you see humans have found countless other ways to torture, abuse and murder them.

And we must address all of them, not just one.

This must become a  Global Issue of Humanity, to be exposed, explained,  learned and adhered to by all Nations all over the world.

Animals are just as an important species as we are, we simply do not speak their language, so do not know how to talk to them.

This quote was written for my initial effort at Blogging in 2011,  but it is just as relevant today I believe:

“We, the Human Race, are arrogant in thinking that
because we do not understand the language of animals,
that what they are saying is not of consequence.
Indeed, the animals are speaking to us and
for their sake and ours, we must start listening.”


The stories are here to learn more:

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34 thoughts on “Despicable Deeds

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  3. Excellent quote.

    I puzzle on pictures of this sort. Why the hunter always seems so cocksure-proud in fearless display of their dastardly deed with weaponry so set in their favor; perhaps, they’re compensating for something, eh.

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  5. Whereas I am always grateful for the participation of those who are able to draw a lot of attention to wildlife issues, I can’t image why the Royal Family feel they can blast on about others killing wildlife when they do the same. How do they differentiate between the two sets of values. I doubt they will stop though – they mind-numbingly think it is their birthright.

  6. Thank you Gator Woman. You might want to look at me at where I write of many things, but often of a world that has gone, evens the one we know today is vanishing before our eyes – it all happens so quickly.

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