No Ducks, thank you~


A Rubber Duck
Picture credit:  Alexander Klink


With this posting today, I may lose some of you,   c’est la vie.

I just got a new Petition in my email and felt compelled to pass it along.

Here is the Petition:   Remove violence promoting products in your store

It is addressed to Petco, a store where I do not shop as often as I used to,  because  they do not carry the food that we have chosen for Breanna, which is Wellness Core Ocean.

I have asked for it repeatedly  and they continue to say that they do not carry it.

The products that are in question in this petition are, now comes the hard part, promoting  ” Duck Dynasty.”

Yes,  that Duck Dynasty!

I have just signed the petition and agree with the thinking in it.

Sorry for those of you who are fans of theirs, but please do read the petition and then make up your own minds.

As for me, I do not watch their show because of their  treatment of animals and their comments on gays and other groups.

The show, the cast and the premise of it all,  is in direct conflict with everything that I believe in and is just not for me.

It would be absolutely unbearable to have Duck Dynasty products in my face,  when shopping for Breanna’s food  at any store.

I agree, as  the petition states,  that having these products for sale in the stores,  is in conflict with the image that Petco has worked so hard to achieve.

I may be alone on this, but I’m OK with that~





21 thoughts on “No Ducks, thank you~

  1. Argh. I cannot understand a world where “Duck Dynasty” is anything more than something on a local public-access cable channel . . .

  2. The day I’m a fan duck dynasty will be the day I have Alzheimer’s, and I’m sitting in a chair in the corner and the TVs running and I hae no idea what’s on! So yes I will gladly sign the petition and past this on. 😀

  3. Signed it. I don’t support the owning of any animal and stores that profit from enslavement like Petco or hate speech, but since large corporations have such influence I’m happy to discourage them from promoting those awful men.

  4. My son is a Duck Dynasty fan – 11 at the time; he evenbegan reading their books even… wow… he isn’t big on reading. They are so strange (to me) even still – years later for me. No offense to Phil and the family – it actually is a family show… its just strange (to me). My urban son love them. I don’t know much about the products – I’ll look though.
    ~ Eric

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