Baby Bird Boom~


A Baby Burrowing Owl
Picture credit: Adamantios


It’s spring in Florida and the babies are just bustin’ out all over.

There are celebrations everywhere here, with so many  places to go and join in on the excitement and have fun in the beautiful Florida sunshine!

Florida is without a doubt, home to some of the most beautiful and also most Endangered Birds in America, like the Burrowing Owl.

If you have seen the movie Hoot, it is about our Endangered Florida Burrowing Owl and was all  filmed right here,  well all except for the Montana scenes~

The Florida scenery is gorgeous and the film is inspiring, hopefully you and your children will love it and find it as wonderful as I did.

And if you are a Jimmy Buffett fan, the music and the man are both in the movie, yet another reason to love it~

If like me, you treasure wildlife and animals, especially Birds, Audubon of Florida has all of the people, places, events and opportunities to get involved, on their website and their Blog.

Education is at the very heart of Florida Audubon and this outstanding web site has been blessed with a plethora of  it.


Please do begin your Audubon Adventure here:   Audubon of Florida


You will always find many listings of  upcoming things to do on their Events page:  Events and Programs

Here is one example:  A  Baby Owl Shower  is happening on May 10  (how can this not be fun)

Go here to find information about  Florida birds that are at risk:  Florida’s Imperiled Birds

The Audubon Blog keeps you up to date on all things Audubon, and you might even sign up:   The News Blog

There is even a place to keep track of particular Bills affecting Florida birds and Wildlife here:  Legislative Bill Tracker

This web site is undeniably, one of the most impressive and truly useful places to go to learn all about Florida’s wonderful World of Wildlife~




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