Will You Honor Your Mother Tonight?


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What began in Sydney,  Australia in 2007,  has now expanded and grown to become a Global Cultural Event and celebration, with countless Countries,  Nations, People, Organizations and Businesses involved,   each in their own way,  showing  their love and respect for our Planet, for our Mother Earth.

Tonight at 8:30 PM once again,  the entire Planet will have the chance to show its respect and love for this place that we all call home, Mother Earth.

Each corner of the Planet will observe this hour of lights out,  at their own local time.

By  collectively turning off our power, we can all demonstrate that we do care for this place that gives us all that we need to live, survive and thrive as a species.

She gives her all to us,  can we say the same?

So, won’t you please join with the millions of concerned others just like you and turn off your  lights,  for at least one hour tonight,  beginning at 8:30 PM?

The fact that this event continues to grow exponentially every year and is now reaching even the most remote of areas of the Globe, says that we do care and that we do want to make the world a better place.

May God continue to Bless us all and may we all continue to  Honor Mother Earth on this and every night.


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38 thoughts on “Will You Honor Your Mother Tonight?

      • I was reading your article about the trees, you are not alone, we are just outnumbered. When I see a tree someone cut and left the pieces behind I cry, it feels the same as another life ceased. A torn body left to be collected not knowing that everything we suffer comes from the desrespect to Mother Nature we have exercized for hundreds of years. Nature is claming its territory and will end the savage behave. People need to undertand it has to stop. Like the indians the guardias of the Amazon Jungle being slaughtered and forgotten! Thousands of trees have been put down, and nobody cares. I am happy I found you ! Thank you for the beautiful article, write more, write always, someone will hear. Have a great week!

      • Thank you so much for validating my passion and pain, often in vain, I fear~
        I am reading your Blog right now and love it.
        So many of my followers are like you and me, they hate what is happening and want to stop it.
        Stay tuned!

  1. Oh yes, we did honor our Mother in Kingston, Jamaica. At home we turned everything off and enjoyed the candlelight for an hour. There was also an acoustic concert and various activities in Kingston, including the release of some beautiful lanterns. I will be blogging about it shortly…

  2. hi from the pacific coast of ecuador! looking via search for updates about el nino phenomenon brewing nearby, i landed on a blog that also addressed earth day. when reading a long queue of comments filled with venom and arrogance, i was shocked to realize how many people are in denial about the damage we’ve done to our planet!

    next i did an earth day /wordpress search to see what others were saying, and i was delighted to find your blog!

    i look forward to enjoying your future posts!


      • thanks! i’m reading right now your ‘god hears’ posts and have tears in my eyes.. someone had written me a few days ago about the slaughter, and i was dumbfounded.. how can our species keep destroying the flora and fauna and bare bones of our planet?

        i’m blessed to live in a place of healing, yet they’re repeating our mistakes here, and it’s sobering.

      • Thank you for your good and kind heart.
        It is so appreciated.
        I have no explanation for Humanity and their treatment of the innocents, which explains this Blog that I started a year ago.
        You may find much of it will make you sad, it does me, with every word that I write.

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